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Completed Reports / #169 - Crobat
« on: June 26, 2011, 12:08:31 am »
Name: Crobat
Number: 169
Type: Poison / Flying

Abilities: Inner Focus, Infiltrator

Base Stats:

Level Up Move Edits:

Move Tutor Move Edits:
No changes have been made.

Egg Move Edits:

Example Set
Crobat @ Leftovers
Nature: Jolly
EVs: 232 HP / 56 Def / 76 SpD / 144 Spe

- Taunt
- Roost
- Super Fang
- Brave Bird / U-turn

Explanation of Set
Nicknamed "Stallbreaker" for a reason, this set demolishes practically anything that wants to set up and stall you out for a prolonged match. Taunt prevents spikes from going up, along with any healing or set up moves. Roost allows you to heal off any damage you have received during the match (Be watchful of Earthquake). Super Fang and Brave Bird are the two attacking options, with U-Turn offering some utility in the set, with Super Fang breaking down anything with a huge HP stat and Brave Bird providing some very powerful STAB.

Url of Discussion Topic: http://pokemon-universe.com/index.php/topic,2697.0.html

Completed Reports / #477 - Dusknoir
« on: June 04, 2011, 10:10:53 pm »

Name: Dusknoir
Number: 477
Type: Ghost


Base Stats:

Level Up Move Edits:
- None.

Move Tutor Move Edits:
- None.

Egg Move Edits:
- None.

Example Set
Tank @ Leftovers
Ability: Pressure
EV's: 252 HP / 28 Atk / 228 Spe
Nature: Impish

- Will-o-Wisp
- Earthquake
- Pain Split
- Shadow Sneak / Fire Punch

Explanation of Set
The standard wall set for many Ghost types, Dusknoir executes it flawlessly from behind his fantastic defenses and slightly improved HP. Backing up those defenses is a great attack stat, allowing for other options than just soaking up damage.

Will-o-Wisp, the cornerstone of most tank sets, allows Dusknoir to burn incoming opponents. If predicted correctly, this will generally cripple a physical attacker switching in on Dusknoir. Pain Split is a way to heal off any residual and move based damage that Dusknoir takes over the course of the battle. It turns into a beautiful move when played against an opponent with a larger HP stat, such as Blissey. Earthquake and your choice of Fire Punch and Shadow Sneak (largely depending on what you need to counter) give Dusknoir some fine attacking options.

The choice of Fire Punch or Shadow Sneak is determined by what you need to cover with, or from, the rest of your team. If certain steel walls, bugs, or steel bugs give your team general trouble, you may want to choose Fire Punch to deal with them. Things such as Ferrothorn, Scizor, Forretress, or Heracross. Shadow Sneak is a good move for a priority STAB and can help finished off weakened Pokemon. It can also finish off defensively weaker Pokemon such as Gengar quickly, removing your opponents Ghost type from the field.

Url of Discussion Topic:

Completed Reports / #545 - Scolipede
« on: May 23, 2011, 01:17:05 pm »

Name: Scolipede
Number: 545
Type: Bug / Poison

Tinted Lens
Quick Feet

Base Stats:
65 / 107 / 89 / 55 / 89 / 112

Level Up Move Edits:
- None.

Move Tutor Move Edits:
- None.

Egg Move Edits:
- None.

Example Set
Swords Dance @ Focus Sash
Ability: Swarm
EV's: 4 HP / 252 Atk / 252 Spe
Nature: Jolly

- Swords Dance
- Earthquake
- Rock Slide
- Megahorn / X-Scissor

Explanation of Set
Scolipede's most common set and for good reason. Learning Swords Dance, he can  boost his attack sky high and muscle through a lot of Pokemon that would normally give him an issue. Rock Slide and Earthquake give great coverage while Megahorn deals insane damage after Focus Sash activates Swarm.

With the changes, Scolipede will be even bulkier and may trade the Focus Sash out for another item. However, keep in mind that Focus Sash is still the premier item to use when using him to save him from many powerful moves and guaranteeing a set up.

Url of Discussion Topic:

Development / Get to know the team: Raikt edition. (Now with moar bacon.)
« on: September 02, 2010, 02:34:49 pm »
Name: Raikt Dragmier (Eh, you can call me Austin, if you want... [Seriously, though. I will kill you.])
Age: 20
Location: Florida, as of the moment. My residence is Georgia, however.
Quote: "The two most common elements in the universe are Hydrogen and stupidity." - Harlan Ellison
Position: Gameplay Optimiser.

1. Do you have pets? I don't have any pets; though, I am aiming to get a dog.
2. What is your favorite color? White. I grew up on snow, and it's always stuck with my how beautiful freshly fallen snow is.
3. What kind of music do you like? I like anything interesting. From pop to jazz to heavy metal. If it's good, I'll listen to it.
4. What do you do on your free time besides spending time on PU? You mean... there is a world beyond PU?! Joking aside, I have a variety of ways to spend my time. I couldn't possibly list them all in a simple question. I meditate; I go to mixed marital arts classes; I read; I game; I cook; I go on runs; I hang out with friends; I surf the web; I troll the web.
5. What are your goals/dreams in life? My current goal is to passing all my college classes; my dream is to, eventually, end up owning my own gaming company. (Think small like Red Octane, before they got the shaft from Activision.)
6. What got you involved in PU? Boredom, for an honest answer. However, I was enthralled from the time I finished reading the introduction page. Game design and all its aspects strike a chord with me, and PU promised to be all that and more.
7. What makes you different from the rest of the PU team? Quite a few things, I would imagine.
8. Who do you admire? Why? Myself? Or is that a bit too narcissistic? I have quite a few people I look up to. Most of them are family members. Outside of that, few people play key to influencing my decisions.
9. Are you into sports?  If so which ones? I'm not into sports, per say. However, I do enjoy getting out and doing things on occasion. (Shocking, right?)
10. What is your dream job? Owning my own game company, or falling short of that, working as a developer for another.
11. What was your first screenname? Way back when I first joined the web, going on half my life ago? I have no idea. Something stupid, I would imagine.
12. Do you have any piercings? None, though people keep telling me I should get some.
13. Are you a lefty/righty? I'm actually ambidextrous.
14. Do you have any tattoo's? If not do you wish/plan to get one? None right now, though I have a sleeve planned for the future once I can afford it.
15. Do you have any siblings?  If so, how many of each? Two siblings. One brother and one sister.
16. What is your favorite website? 4.chan.org/b/
17. Do you play computer games?  If so, which ones? I do, and I play many. Starcraft II, Dragon Age: Origins, Fallout 3, World of Warcraft, Diablo II; those are just a few.
18. Do you play video game consoles?  Which ones? Quite. I own most consoles coming up into the new gen. NES, SNES, Atari, Sega CD, Sega Genesis; even the black sheep Virtual Boy. In current gen, I own a DS, Xbox 360, my computer, and a Wii. (Though it's a friends and not really mine.)
19. Are you married or planing to get married? No and no.
20. Which languages do you speak? I speak English as my main language; other than that, I speak piss poor Italian, French, Spanish, and I'm learning Mandarin.
21. Do you drink? I do not.
22. Do you smoke? Nor do I smoke.
23. Do you have a license? Yes, I do.
   a) Do you own a car? I own a vehicle, though the tires were recently slashed in a case of retard goes wild. Someone mistook my car for someone else's and slashed the wrong tires.
   b) Have you ever been stopped for speeding? Not yet.

24. Do you obtain a good amount of sleep daily? Define "sleep". I regularly get 2-3 hours a night, if I actually do sleep.
25. How do you sleep? With my eyes closed? Usually on a futon or the floor.
26. Have you ever been on an airplane? Multiple times. Still not a fan.
27. Have you ever broken a bone? I've broken most of the bones in my body at some point or another.
28. Do you wear jewelry?  If so what jewelry do you wear? I occasionally wear an old necklace I got from my grandfather to go with his class ring.
29. How do you dress? Depends. Usually just jeans and band t-shirts with a beanie.
30. How many keys are on your keyring? About six or seven, I would guess.
31. What time do you go to bed?  What time do you wake up? Bed is whenever and wherever I pass out at. I always wake up at six.
32. What's the freakiest thing you have done? Uh... I think I will save those stories for a later date.
33. Do you live alone? I do.
34. How many hours a day do you spend in the computer? Most of my time is spent on the computer, as it's where I do most of what I need to.
35. How many hours a day do you spend in PU? I lurk all day. I constantly have it open with a few other websites.
36. What is your favorite beverage - coffee, tea, soda, beer, other? Other. I drink water more than anything else.
37. What do you hate? Ignorance would probably top the charts.
38. What do you love? Bacon.
39. What is your religion? Agnosticism, so I suppose I wouldn't have one.
40. What is your hair color? Brownish black.
41. How tall are you? 5'8", or 173 cm.
42. How much do you weigh? 168 lbs, or 76 kgs.

That's all for those questions, though as I said, some seemed pretty arbitrary. If you have any others, ask I suppose.

Fan Fiction & Writing / Uknown - <Witty title hereya.>
« on: June 28, 2010, 03:10:01 am »
Unnecessary and dramatic title!

I've been keeping an eye on the Role Play section of the board recently, and it's somewhat rekindled my love for writing. (Not that it ever really went anywhere. I've just been busy.) So, I took a crack at finishing up some work on a story concept that me and a few friends started a while back. I'm still unsure about whether it has any promise or not, but I like to write regardless. I'm also quite wordy, which is why I didn't join the Role Play to begin with; I didn't want to bore anyone with TL;DR syndrome.

Anyway, I hope you enjoy it. Oh, and an aside: I always enjoy criticism and corrections. If you spot an error, think something is worded odd, or would like to see something, just give me a heads up! And another one. I like semicolons. -Holds up a spork.-


His fingers deftly pulled apart the intricate mechanisms holding the machine together, their grace and dexterity surely befuddling to someone who had not spent decades perfecting the art of disassembling and reassembling the worlds technologies. Sparks flew out of the inner recesses of his project, their luminance shining for only a brief moment before waning into oblivion against the pungent leather of his smock. Sweat continued to beat down his forehead, most of it coalescing at the tip of his nose before falling onto the ancient wooden bench below where his latest device was being lovingly created. A soft flicker of light hardened into a powerful stream of fire as he clicked his welding torch on and began to apply it to one side of the machine. Soft whirrs and clickings could be heard coming from within the metal shell as cogs began to mesh together, even as he super heated the outside. After a few moments the light clicked out, leaving behind a creeping darkness as the device continued to hum gently in the background. A light grin cracked his hardened features as he scooped the ball up carefully in a gloved hand and removed his welding mask; the single scar that ran from the bottom of his left eye and split the corner of his mouth stretched taut under the strain of something he had not done in so long. "This should get the job done..." The deep, gravelly voice echoed oddly in the tiny work cabin.

For nearly the last decade there had been little else to do for Duthar other than create, and subsequently test, his inventions and ideas. Most of them were little more than modified versions of the weapons the trackers used and that he had confiscated when they had met an untimely demise, ironically by effect of their own devices. Stun guns altered to become electric trip wires; darts hollowed out and filled with poison, then inlaid into a tree ready to trip; speeder parts taken and used to create explosive bait traps. Surviving, and saving the remaining mages in the process, was what was needed to stop the trackers and stay alive in the harsh wilds. He could not be defeated in his own dominion and the trackers still failed to realize that. This was where he reigned king, and it was from here that he would develop a way to save his kind.

A groaning pop rang out among the oddly quiet surroundings as Duthar reposed his body into a series of exercises he had designed early on to keep his small frame fit and limber. Multiple rounds of these stretches, which quickly increased in difficulty, usually followed after he spent any amount of time in his workshop. The sweat and layer of grime that he had acquired quickly became uncomfortable, however, and he decided that a dip in the nearby stream would not be amiss. Besides, he wanted to be fresh for what he had planned today. His newest creation was a little gift that he had been dreaming of for months. It had taken quite a while to acquire the parts, after all.

After he had scoured his flesh to a bright pink in the stream, he redressed and smoothed back his hair, examining his appearance in a small shard of mirror he had managed to recover from a destroyed Land Shark. Except for the odd, pale scar that ran down his cheek, he admitted to himself that he could still easily pass for someone in the city, even with his odd outfit choice of flexible leather. With a satisfied grunt, he took to the nearest branch, hauled his light frame up, and took off down the myriad of interconnecting tree limbs to reach the area where he had a concealed land speeder. It was almost invisible underneath the overhanging foliage and vines that he had draped over it, melding into the background with the camouflage pattern he had painted on the side using crushed dyes made from materials around the forest. Brushing aside the vegetation and removing a few of the more adventurous vines, he flipped the activation switch and nodded as the speeder purred to life. He had little cause to use it most of the time, but the worn paint and patched parts showed that it had proven itself over and over again to be reliable. Hopping onto the seat he released the brake and hit the gas, sending the speeder flying off the massive entanglement of boughs to nearly slam into the forest floor below; he loved to see just how hard he could test the hover abilities of the craft. With a grin, slightly larger than the one earlier, he opened the throttle and took off.

Within minutes he had bypassed the more dangerous and cumbersome portions of the wilds, something that the Trackers still hadn't learned in their ignorance, and had made it to the Tracker capital of their nearly barren world: Verincourt. Duthar's nostrils flared as he let his gaze roam over the architecture of the city... "Too little nature, too much Tracker" had become the unofficial motto for the city between the surviving mages of the wilds. There was a brief moment of bustle as he looked for a suitable spot to hide his modified land speeder, before he made a circuit of the area to check and see if any new alarms had been implemented since his last visit. After he had made sure that no one had spotted him or the land speeder, he slipped into a long forgotten crack in the exterior of the city. Following a veritable maze of twisting slits and crumbling paths, within half an hour he had made it into the poor district of the city; the part of the city filled with unwanted and disease ridden beggars. He could have come in through the upper sections, where another crack was available, but he always chose this way to remind him of his goals. Sweat began to trickle down his arm, despite the coolness of the day, as he began to palm the metallic sphere that was covered in a soft leather pouch and hidden in one his pockets. He could still feel the soft hum of the mechanisms as his scarred visage gave the area a cursory glance before he set up a meandering pace designed to throw off anyone that could possibly follow him. "Let's see if I can cause a little stir this time around."


I don't really like to judge my own work, as with anything someone creates you'll get attached to it. Thus, I usually have a skewed opinion on the things I write. So, what do you guys think? Random fact: I want to publish something some day.

Games / Big thread of Wifi
« on: June 23, 2010, 11:05:06 pm »
So, if you've been browsing around the forums a lot lately, I'm sure you'll have noticed that there are a few threads asking for trades with completed trades. It occurred to me that, besides the few people who have posted, others may seek a Wifi experience with the community on Pokemon Universe. I fully promote this interaction. I've also been the staging point for quite a few trades.

You see, I wanna be the very best, like no one ever was... I really do enjoy breeding. I've also got a handy stash of items on me. (Many, many resets later, you'll find I've got most everything.) I'm always willing to trade, or breed, so long as you or I have the Pokemon necessary. 'Cept Legendaries, of course.

But, this isn't just for me. It's for anyone who enjoys breeding, trading, or battling in general over Wifi. I'll merge any other topics with this one to keep down the clutter. Especially once the forum becomes more active. So, if you want a place to connect with the players of PU while you wait, then here is the place.

- Stay on topic. This isn't chat or OOC. Talk about Wifi, trading, or set up appointments with me or other players.
- No flaming, bashing, or any slander or derogatory comments will be tolered.
- There is no set layout for requesting trades or battles, but make sure to include your Friend Code (FC), a date or time zone, and other details of interest. If you don't want to post your FC, then just PM the person instead.
- Have fun!

Upated: July, 18, 2011* New friend codes. If I forgot any, message me and I'll put them up right away.

Ideas & Suggestions / MOVED: favorite trainer
« on: June 12, 2010, 04:31:16 am »

Jobs / Looking to get into the process.
« on: April 17, 2010, 09:48:49 am »
To be quite frank, the only experience I have with pixel art is Pokemon Fusions, Pokemon Splices, custom made Trainer Cards and Battle Scenes. I have yet to do anything involving maps, though I suppose I have done a few overworld sprites for Trainers and Pokemon before when experimenting.

To make a long story short; I am really interested in contributing to this project. I was wondering if there was a guide line for what you need? I would also love to learn how to do areas and environments, if anyone can point me in the right direction for that. Not to sound weird, but I've been lurking this board for a few weeks now and just decided to join. So, I suppose my "pokethusiam" is relatively high right now.

I don't think I currently have the skill to actually apply for a position, so that's why I'm bringing this up like this. I can also link to some of the stuff I've done previously, if that would help.

Thanks in advance.

New Trainers / Welcome / New and looking forward to it.
« on: April 17, 2010, 09:31:08 am »
So, I found this through Google by searching "Pokemon MMO." I remember playing one a while back and was hoping to find it again.

Instead, I found something better; something that excited me. I've browsed the forums and the entire site already and I have to say that I'm quite excited by this project. I look forward to playing it, participating in the community (which looks warm and welcoming), and doing anything I can to help.

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