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Author Topic: [RP] In a corrupted world  (Read 28362 times)

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Re: [RP] In a corrupted world
« Reply #195 on: January 07, 2012, 10:12:23 pm »
I kept walking with them. I felt a urge just to kill them where they stand, but I decided to wait till they gather with another group or two. Finaly though I see another group of guards with flashlights approaching.

1-Did your group find anything suspicious in the area?

4-Nope, only thing unusual that happened is that Kenny here stepped on something and screamed like a girl.

2-So, thats the yell we heard earlier. I was kinda worried there for a minute.

3-We havent found anything, so I guess everythings on green tonight.

Say, I've been wondering about those rebels that escaped, anyone tracking them?

1-What's this outta the blue? I thought you didn't think.

2-Actualy I heard a rumor, there was a break out at a nearby lab, a super strong ghost type hybrid tried escaping, but he was caught by ambush and got locked back up.

Idiots, these guys werent useful, they obviously didnt know anything. I guess I could kill them now, but I already created a ruckus.

5-Meh, thats a buncha balonie, I heard it was a Latios and a Rhydon that escaped.

Now there's something useful. I wasent sure at first, but now I know for fact that those guys I saw earlier were from the same place I came from.

Hey, whats that over there!

I point at a direction and they all look with there flashlights in the direction. When they look back "Kenny" is shivering on the ground like he saw something horrible.

3-H-hey! Kenny! Whats wrong!?

1-Call a medic! Somethings happened!

I was on top of a building looking at the scene below. Humans, they're so predictable.

Werent you a human once?

There he goes again.

That was a Looooong time ago, in a galaxy far, far away.

... I always question whether I should even try to talk to you or not.

Okay okay, I'll lay off the bad puns.

I sat there thinking, mabye I should check out that site, there might be somehting interesting there. Besides, I'd be going against "The criminal always returns to the crime scene" moddo if i didn't... at least I think thats how it goes... oh well. I start jumping buildings back to that crater I created.
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