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Author Topic: [RP] Kokia: Pending Conflicts  (Read 1306 times)

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[RP] Kokia: Pending Conflicts
« on: November 06, 2011, 04:39:15 am »
Kokia: Pending Conflicts

Main races

Dark Elves
Green Orcs
Red Orcs


The story: As of now, peace rains in kokia. Humans are the dominant population on the planet, and their kingdom is by far the most affluent and powerful of the other civilizations, but the peace is tentative at best. They refer to the other races as the Faerie, both Man decend and Orgre Decend alike. War eventually might break out, and if that happens, what will be the outcome?

Races you can pick

Human: Humans are strong and smart, but because of their ancestors choice to partake of the Dragon's gift of Fire(dragon's are the sworn rivals of the gods), their lifespans are limited by the gods to be 120 years maximum, and the other elements that are under the power of the gods will not yeild to humans without their use of fire. despite these limitations they have built for themselves a powerful kingdom of Arcadia, a guild based civilization who trades freely with the other races, and has a firm place in the global economy
                Arcadian Knights: The knights are the military of the kingdom of Arcadia: they man everything from the flying ships to protecting the walls, even to march into battle. They have ranked systems of soldiers based on merits and compliance with the Knights Charter, you will be kicked out of the knights for refusing or going against an order
                Warrior Guild: Less strict on who they pick then the Royal knights. They are Mercenaries that take on everything from menial law enforcement to stopping bandits. They are the people you go to when you have a problem, and they will send the people nessesary to deal with it
              Preist Guild: Humans had done a grevous sin against the gods, the Priests guild is the place where Humans try to save their souls and lives by reconnecting with the gods. Priests who truely commit themselves give up the use of fire forged material and practice arts of healing and nature....they raise the orphans of Arcadia. They are not passive though, they will defend themselves with unique fighting styles taught to them by the Druids
                Magus Institute: Some humans were not satisfied with only the power of fire, they wanted the use of all the elements, but the gods refused to just grant them access. So a group of humans known as Magi studied and learned the ways of the elements, they wrote down their accumulated knowledge and established themselves openly in archadia as an institute of learning. People of notable intelligence who did not want to grovel at the feet of the gods went to this institute and graduated, becoming respected and powerful men in society. They do not have natural magic like the other races of man, but Humans do have the ability to draw in magic from around them and funnel it through their bodies. Some Magi are even Knights in the Royal army. They are at odds with the Priest guild though.

                 Druids: Humans that have forsaken their own people or were raised outside of the human race, and they were favored by one god or another and given new life and power and wisdom, they are no longer human, but they are not elf or dwarf, they are simply druids, who seem to have connection with the living creatures of the world, able to raise them up and make them strong, and even turn into animals themselves.

                Merchant guild: They are the union of all forms of jobs and careers, from taverns to black smithing. In the city they have strict guidlines they must meet, but outside of the city businesses are more affordable and locally owned. Merchant guilds pay the Warrior guild and in some cases the Magi or Priests to help protect their merchandise from bandits and pirates. They trade internationally with all the races, and the traveling merchants tend to go to the most exotic parts of the world to sell or barter their wares.

                 Peasants: They are the back bone of the city that lives outside of the walls in peaceful villages and tight nit communities. They are by no means wealthy, but the commerse they get from the merchants and traveling folks is enough to help them sustain their crops and have festivals. they are a superstitious and afraid of magic, so Magi tend not to go there. Priest guild has chapels built there as outreach to the community, and they spread the idea that magic was evil and of the dragons.

Elves: Distant relatives of the human, they avoided the curse of the Gods because they had not partaken of the gift of fire from the dragons, the gods sworn rival. Because of that they live a lot longer then humans do and can freely have communion with nature, while human senses are dulled to natures beauty. They are rather pompous though, and love to make fun of and look down on the humans and their folly. They are afraid of them because their weapons forged of fire can kill them. Elves look down on the hethen practice of magic, and hate the humans for openly allowing it to be practiced.
They have been known to kidnap human children from peasent villages and raise them up in the Elvish society as survents. These humans tend to learn the ways of the elves and they usually become the beings known as Druids, long lived humans who had given up the gift of fire all together to reclaim their place with the gods. They count the pact with the Dragons as loss to them, and they do not miss the ability to conjure fire.

             Warrior elves: They train with the green orcs and learn the ways of hand to hand combat, and they learn how to utilize water as a deadly weapon. trained warrior elves can conjure weapons of ice out of the air and generate wind to increase the impact of their blows, they can fly and have a vary arodynamic fighting style. The human preist Guild knows a form of this fighting style and the more powerful ones can even compete with the elves in friendly duels

             Elders: They run the Elvish society, and all of the Faerie, because of their dislike for humans the race in general doesn't like them unless they grew up with them and became Druids

            landscapers: They have developed their power over nature to help heal and replenish the forests they live in, controling them and making bounties of fresh food to eat. Elves and other races of man do not eat meat, their diets consist of fruits, vegitables and grains, if they wanted food hot, they can steam it with the power over water. 

             Green orcs: Lives in peace with the elves, they were originally the creation of the dragons, but since they partook of the gift of the gods, they were cursed by the dragons in the same way humans were cursed. Green orcs are smaller and more peaceful than their distant kin, but they are physically more powerful than any of the Faerie.
Orcs-and Goblins: Beings created by the dragons. They are intelligent and strong like humans, but they have a much longer life span than they do. They are not quite as developed with metal working and social structures as Humans are, but their raw physical might and greater command of fire gives them an edge in conflicts.
Humans and Orcs have had wars with one another for ages, Orcs saw them as usurping their deities for themselves. they have reached an agreement though, and they have started trade with one another

Goblins are the ones who introduced the concepts of magic to humans, they were one of the first to have the idea that they could transcend the shackles of the gods and dragons by gaining control of all the elements. they are a servant race to the orcs for their arrogance, but although they are physically weaker than orcs, their magic can be just as effective as brawn


There are three realms in land of Kokia

To the north and down through the center is Archadia, the kingdom of humans, it has one major city with layers upon layers of walls defending it, it is the largest standing city in the world and has commuting airships and merchants flowing in and out of it daily. Surrounding them is the Peasant villages that earn their money off of trade and commerce from farming, and extended around the borders their are sentry posts and bridges that monitor trade and commerce with the other races. Humans make their clothes out of  animal skins wool silk and leather, though they do trade with the other races to have more exotic fabrics and jewlery. Archadia is one of the only   kingdom who has flying ships, the other tribes are worried about the implications of having this advantage, even though elves can fly

To the east lie the elves and Green orcs, they have grown their cities out of nature and their unique power over water, the land they reside in has lush greens and waterfalls, it is a peaceful place, and it is nearly impossible to freely create fire there, although it doesn't take its power away entirely. Their clothes are grown from living plants and are gaudy shades of all manner of colors

To the west of Archadia resides the underground kingdom of the Orcs and goblins, their stuctures delve down for miles, mingling with the magma and burning rocks of earth below, only the wealthiest and most powerful orcs hold positions above ground, and they have a lush supply of dimonds and precious stones that stud their walls and clothing. They customarily wear clothes made of chainmail and metal as common attire, and its common  that they have studded dimonds and precious stones in their clothes.

(lol, world of warcraft photo)

JerryEDIT: Approved.
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Re: [RP] Kokia: Pending Conflicts
« Reply #1 on: November 06, 2011, 07:46:41 pm »

Rule number one: NO God modding (controlling or ignoring another persons character)

Rule number two: Posts must be at least two sentences long and have something to do with the story, it is no fun to read a string of one liner posts

Three: If your going to fight another character, decide the outcome before hand in P.M or OOCC

Four: Leave OOCC comments to the OOCC, there should only roleplaying in the R.P section

Five: If your character kills someone or looses someone, then they should react to what happened, unless they are a cold unfeeling person they should react to situations of any kind, be it good or bad

Six: Relationships and romances are fine, but keep it mellow and Non banned friendly

Seven: Your character has a life, its not just floating in empty space, if he/she has a job then it needs to be tended to, if he/she goes to school then they should be their, have them behave beleivably to what you said your character was

more will come when this picks up


Yay, approval, Mkay I'll set up the OOCC, the Character creator, and the rules...If your interested in joining P.M me your character profile, and if this goes no where i'll just turn it into fiction or something lol

JerryEDIT: Try to keep the rules in here itself :)
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