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Author Topic: Insane Boss Battle Storyline  (Read 10808 times)

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Re: Insane Boss Battle Storyline
« Reply #15 on: January 14, 2012, 08:05:17 am »
Well, no replies here? I guess I'll just double-post then.
Better end this while I have the time...
All the picture doesn't belong to me.
Here goes! Watch out, there's a HUGE spoiler for Kristoph Gavin in here...

Part 4-End of Final Boss Battle

You are challenged by Leader Kristoph!
(insert battle scene here)
You have to win the (unfair) battle, though it may seem very hard since your pokemon are wounded from the last battle, I believe it is possible since enemy's pokemon remains unchanged.

(when enemy only has 1 pokemon left)
Kristoph: "...It has come down to this..."

(When defeated)
Kristoph: "What?! No! Impossible! Even after all the hard work?! N-not even my virus can't take you down?!"

(End of battle)

Axel: "(Finally... It's over now...)"
Kristoph: "What in the world..? How could you... win? My virus... my masterpiece! It is perfect! Flawless! Absolute!" (blows up)

Axel: "...!"
Kristoph: "No one... No one can outmatch my virus! No one can defeat me! ...Just how... How can you... win?"
Red: "It no longer matters, Kristoph."
Kristoph: "...!"
(Red arises from fainting)
Red: "No matter how perfect your virus will be... You're still going to lose, Kristoph."
Kristoph: "Wh-What...?"

you may want to play this soundtrack: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=xtw4xQDgKjM&feature=related

Red: "You'll never win... because you never trusted any of your pokemon. You don't believe in their true strength, their true will... You lost all faith in them... who actually trusted you, from the very beginning!"
Kristoph: "..."
Red: "Your viruses turn them into a heartless creature. Your lies makes people speechless... That they can't stand seeing who you really are! You don't trust anyone! You don't even trust yourself!"
Kristoph: "Hah... Ah ha ha ha ha ha ha HA HA HA HA HA HA!!"

Kristoph: "Heh... If that's what it is... then we're the same, Red. All the trainers, we're all the same."
Axel: "We're never the same like you!"
Kristoph: "Heh heh heh. Is that... the truth? ...All trainers, they do not trust themselves. They konw... they're too weak. Which is why... which is why they use pokemon to become powerful and feared by others!!"

Axel: "..."
Kristoph: "Hah, even you, Red. You seek their power... Their true purpose! You are no different than me!"
Red: "..."
Kristoph: "All of the 'trust' are nothing but lies. It was something you use to make all pokemon work for you. All the trainers, they're all the same. From the very beginning, there is no 'trust' between trainers and pokemon!"
Red: "...Wrong, you're wrong, Kristoph."
Kristoph: "WH-WHAT?!"
Red: "...There is a reason why we trainers trust their pokemon... It's because we live alongside together. Trainers and pokemon trust each other, they know they will win if they worked together, and that is why they become strong! That is why Axel can outmatch your virus, Kristoph! ...Your existence will mean nothing."

Finally, the trainers won the battle against the organization, leading the organization to an end. Kristoph was arrested. Everything ends well, except for the infected pokemon. Without a cure, they can't be free from the virus that infects them....

Before Red leaves, he gives his hat to Axel/player.

Red: "...Think that as a reward for saving my life, Axel. I have to go now..."
Axel: "Thanks, Red. Where are you going now?"
Red: "Another adventure. And try to find a cure for those pokemon..."
Axel: "Wait, there is a cure? Kristoph said the virus was perfect! There is no cure for them!"
Red: "And...? You believe his words is the truth?"
Axel: "...!"
Red: "There is nothing perfect in this world, Axel. There should be a cure, and we'll found it one day."
Axel: "Right."
Red: "...Ah, one other thing. Next time we'll meet again, I hope you're prepared for a challenge."

  • Red's Hat
  • Medal of Honor
  • 5000 (PU currency)

I want to put moar picture of Red in here, but they're hard to found (-__-")
Feel free to ask questions, give comments, suggestions, or anything.
Or else, I will be forever alone guy  :'(

Final Examination is coming faster than I thought D:

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Re: Insane Boss Battle Storyline
« Reply #16 on: January 14, 2012, 08:13:21 am »
Ok, I said I wouldn't post in this thread anymore, but read my infection saga again. I believe you are trying to pass off my idea as your own, and using characters that are trademarked as well. I asked you plain and simple, where did you get your ideas, you gave me the simple answer, you stole them. I don't get annoyed easily, but you sir, take the cake.

And to show that I am a kind person, I want to see you post an original idea, with your own created characters.
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Re: Insane Boss Battle Storyline
« Reply #17 on: January 14, 2012, 08:34:48 am »
Also hate to point this out, but is the double negative intentional in "N-not even my virus can't take you down?!" I only ask because of the apostriphe which makes it seem as though you were consciously using correct grammar.

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Re: Insane Boss Battle Storyline
« Reply #18 on: January 14, 2012, 08:39:30 am »
Ah, thanks for pointing that out, Arctus.
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Final Examination is coming faster than I thought D: