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Author Topic: Balance of Dimensions [Profiles]  (Read 20422 times)

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Balance of Dimensions [Profiles]
« on: December 03, 2015, 06:45:17 AM »
Please PM me any questions you have.

In this RP, you will take control of two characters. One character is your human character, the other is your astral being. Your character sync's with your astral being, and losing a fight causes a de-sync. Even if you lose, you can't die, your astral being will be ready to fight in the next battle. Below are the skeletons for the RP.

The Basics of Sponsorship -
A sponsor is in charge of paying for supplying your place of residence at the site of a tournament; as well, they must supply your dining and training facility, if it is not included.

The sponsor is in charge of giving you the proper team needed to compete in the competition: analyst, manager, and several developers who unlock more of your abilities as your progress. You have complete control over where they are, however, and can command them to leave you be.

You are, by contract, required to utilize that which they supply you with, and must wear the uniform they provide you. If it is uncomfortable or ill fitting, you may request it be changed, but you must continue to wear it until that point.

The final term is that they must pay you spending money; a paycheck for your effort. That money - however much - is your possession to do with as you wish. They cannot legally monitor the spending of it, nor can they scold you for it.

Your astral being can be from anything, past RP, TV show, Anime, Video game, Book, Etc., or you can make them up.
Things that are not allowed
-Regenerative abilities are not allowed unless heavily scrutinized, and even then they must be watched heavily.
-Chuck Norris
-Deities of any kind
-One hit kill moves

Code: [Select]
[i] Human [/I]
[b][u]Username:[/u][/b] PU Username
[b][u]Name:[/u][/b]Character name
[b][u]Age:[/u][/b]How old the character is
[b][u]Personality:[/u][/b] How your character acts
[b][u] Sponsor: [/u] [/b] Who's sponsoring you and paying for your stay?
[b][u]Bio:[/u][/b]Your character's backstory. The more details, the more real your character seems
[b][u]Appearence:[/u][/b]Please provide an image for better visualization.

[I] Astral Being[/i]
[b][u]Name:[/u][/b]This can be same name as the character
[b][u]World, or region:[/u][/b]There are many worlds, if they are from something, name the place they come from. If made up, make up a place.
[b][u] Technique:[/u][/b]How they fight, what they use, and special moves. Give a description of the special moves.
[b][u] Strength and weaknesses: [/u][/b]
[b][u]Super move[/u][/b]Your one, high risk, powerful move. These can only be used once per battle, and have a great cost when they are used. If the cost seems too light for the move, the GM will add more to make it fair. Your super move must be able to miss.
[b][u] Appearance:[/u][/b]Provide an image to help with visualization.
Accepted characters:
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Re: Balance of Dimensions [Profiles]
« Reply #1 on: December 03, 2015, 07:15:15 AM »

Name: Steven Fukui
Age: 21
Personality: Steven goes with the flow, and seems all around quiet, and almost distant; as if he’s spaced out, in his own little world. Underneath the slow, and easy-going look, he’s rather perceptive.
Sponsorships: Tokyo Metro
A large company that runs a subway transit system.
Bio: From a land far off, Steven made his name known through multiple smaller battling circuits, ranking in the top five in his (admittedly small) nation. As such, he’s been invited to the first Galactic Tournament in five years; sponsored by Tokyo Metro, a large (for his nation) company that runs the subways. Admittedly, he should have accepted the offer of a translator.
Appearance: Steven stands at a tall, 6’1”, with a lanky build and an overall tanned complexion. He has short, black hair, generally hidden under a blue beanie. His brown eyes seem to lazily scan through everything searching for meaning where there may be none. He tends to wear a gray sweater with the company's’ logo on it, along with a pair of jeans and his prized blue beanie. On his left hand, there’s a sign of a mask, that glows an ominous gray.
Theme Song: http://raysonwilliams.tumblr.com/post/133839444624/nerdylizardeperson-heres-the-theme-for

Astral -
Name: Discord
World or Region: No one region could be called this being’s home; just as there are multiple worlds, there are multiple Discords.
Dice Roll - Depending on the roll of his dice, an attack will ring out at his command.
Strength and Weaknesses -
Agility of the ages: For someone who at times sounds like an old man, he’s rather quick.
Full on Solo Queue: If he doesn’t know what he’s doing, how could you?
Frailty: With presumed age, comes neither beauty nor a particularly strong skeleton.
Full on Solo Queue: If he doesn’t know what he’s doing, how could you?
Super Move: “Order now, and we’ll throw in another absolutely free!“
Passive -- When the game begins, which Discord is fighting is decided by a dice roll.
Active -- Discord trades his dice for a coin-flip, using heads or tails to decide which Discord he summons. Once this is done, one of the other’s appears, working together with the current host to fire out one attack of their selection each. Once this attack has been fired out, Steven’s consciousness is shifted to the second body, while the original dissipates; leaving him staggered and confused for a second while he gets used to his new body.
Appearance - ??
Theme Song: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=jdzbmbG8mys

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Re: Balance of Dimensions [Profiles]
« Reply #2 on: December 03, 2015, 07:42:57 AM »
Name: Jessica Sinclair
Username: Lunartic
Age: 19
Personality: Jessie is bold and very competitive, sometimes to the point of arrogance, but always good-spirited.
Sponsorship: Nintendo Co., Ltd.
 • A video game and console designing company. The CEO admitted he had a “good feeling” about sponsoring Jessie.
Bio: Jessie’s an athletic city girl from LA. Her parents enrolled her into sports at a very young age, but moved to Astral battling when she was 13. At 17, she was touring on the national pro scene. During the off-season, she would come home to help coach the up-and-coming fighters at her local gym, as well as get a bit of practice in. And not just with her Astral, Jessie’s a trained martial artist and even has her hunting license.

Nothing gets Jessie more excited than competition. It doesn’t matter if she wins or loses . . . okay, it does matter, but not as much as the fight to get there. The most exciting battles are when she goes toe-to-toe with someone of equal skill, maybe even higher, and the fight is so close you could cut the tension with a knife. And when she meets someone lower, she’s more than willing to help them climb. Who knows, maybe they’ll be the next Astral champion that Jessie gets to topple.

Appearance: Jessie has long red hair that flows loosely behind her Two braids fall past bright blue eyes. Her usual getup consists of casual jeans and a plain tee. Her Astral mark is on the back of her neck: a lightning bolt over a circle, the symbol for Samus's Power Suit.
Astral Mark Picture
Theme: "Trenches"

Name: Samus Aran
World or Region: Metroid Universe
Power Suit: A powered exoskeleton designed for Samus by her adoptive parents, the Chozo. Her weapon of choice is the Arm Cannon. It fires the energy-based Power Beams and concussive Missiles.
Zero Suit: When the Power Suit is deactivated due to lack of energy, it leaves Samus in the Zero Suit. With it she wields the Paralyzer, a short-range beam pistol that delivers a slight electric shock.
Strengths and Weaknesses:
Power Suit
 • Versatile: Samus’s Power Suit is highly modular and easily upgraded, making her an adaptive fighter. Such upgrades have been listed below.
 • High Mobility: With Space Jump boots in her calf, Morph Ball, Grapple Beam, and natural talent, Samus is very good at not staying in one place for too long.
 • Did Her Homework: Samus’s database helps her keep track of her opponents and the environment, and after using the Scan Visor, she can download information about them to her HUD.
 • Mid-Range Combatant: Samus’s weapons and fighting style are most effective outside melee, keeping her distance but not staying too far away either.
 • Mid-Range Combatant: Samus is relatively inexperienced with close-quarters combat and her weapons become inaccurate at long distances.
 • Energy Tank Depletion: The durability of Samus’s Power Suit relies on her Energy Tanks. Taking damage will decrease their energy, and it cannot be replenished. Once the Energy Tanks are empty, the Power Suit deactivates.
 • Once It’s Gone… : If she takes enough damage to deplete her Energy Tanks and deactivate her Power Suit, it cannot be reactivated.
 • … It’s Gone For Good: If she didn’t activate Hypermode before losing her Power Suit, she will not have a Super Move for the rest of the fight.
Zero Suit
 • Came Prepared: Samus’s Zero Suit comes with the Paralyzer, Jet Boots, and Gauntlets. The boots allow her to Space Jump, similar to the Power Suit’s ability, and they make her kicks hurt more. The gauntlets do the same with her punches and Plasma Whip. As well, the Plasma Whip has a similar function to the Grapple Beam.
 • Chozo DNA: Even without her Power Suit, Samus is stronger, tougher, and more agile than the average human being
 • Close-Quarters Combat: Samus is more capable at closer ranges in the Zero Suit than the Power Suit, however...
 • Emergency Backup: Samus is not accustomed to fighting at close range. Although she is more capable, the Paralyzer is much weaker than the Arm Cannon and she lacks experience.
 • Make It Quick: Comparatively, the Zero Suit lacks the offence, defense, and utility for extended fighting.
 • No Suit, No Super: Hypermode is unavailable without the Power Suit, and therefore cannot be activated with only the Zero Suit.
 • Super Move: “Phazon Enhancement Device activated. Initiating Hypermode. Energy tanks will auto-ventilate in 30 seconds.”
Samus injects a Phazon Cell into her Power Armor to enter Hypermode. For up to 30 seconds, Phazon courses through her Power Suit, increasing its resilience and giving it a bright blue glow. Her weapon systems are charged with Phazon and deal significant damage. Firing her weapons and taking damage depletes Phazon from the suit. When the Phazon is depleted, her energy tanks empty completely. This deactivates the Power Suit and leaves her with only the Zero Suit.
Power Suit: Samus’s Power Suit is a distinct yellow-orange metal with large shoulders a green glow in its seams. On her right arm is her signature weapon of choice, the Arm Cannon. Her chest and helmet are red, with her visor a contrasting green.
Zero Suit: Samus’s Zero Suit is a blue skintight jumpsuit that encases her from the neck-down. Her blonde hair just reaches her middle back and is most often done up in a ponytail. She carries the Paralyzer, a pistol-like weapon, and Jet Boots, which look distinctly like high heels.
Theme: Yellow Valkyrie
Logbook: A list of systems and abilities Samus has access to in her Power Suit, as well as the upgrades that have been added to them, can be found here
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Re: Balance of Dimensions [Profiles]
« Reply #3 on: December 03, 2015, 10:19:01 AM »
Name: Aaron Stillen
Age: 19
Personality: Aaron is always happy and carefree, eager to make friends with anyone that will put up with him - and many that won’t. He has a bit of a bullheaded determination in him, and a competitive streak that would put many people to shame. If he does end up with a loss, it doesn’t seem to bother him; it just adds fuel to his fire. Overall, he just generally likes to to astral battle and makes friend, and he’s good at both.
Sponsorship: Simply Electronic
• A small business from his hometown; they the smallest companies in the tournament, with no actual standing in the Astral Scene.
Biography: Aaron grew up in a small town, small enough not to be featured on any maps. It was small enough for him to know everyone on a first name basis, and for his Mom to get a report on every step he took. He spent most of his time listening to music and hanging out with friends, or preparing for the next (American) football game he would be at, but eventually he was bored. He yearned for something new, and that’s when he found out about astral battling.

He had been having dreams for a long time about a monkey man who demanded a challenge, and the image of a cloud had appeared on his right bicep, but he had no idea what it meant. When he found out, he threw himself into battling wholeheartedly, glad to have something new to do. Then, after two years of battling random people, he found out about tournaments, but he needed a sponsor. Who would sponsor a nobody from a small town, with a slightly better than average record at best?

The answer came in the form of a nobody from a small town. The owner of the local electronic supply store and one of the most well off people in town offered to sponsor him, on the promise that he wear a shirt with his symbol on it when he battled in tournaments. Aaron agreed to everything, eager to get started, and the rest - as they say - is history.
Astral Mark: Right Bicep
Theme Song: "Where Dreams Begin"

Name: Sun Wukong
World or Region: Flowers and Fruits Mountain, Ancient China
Undefeated Body: When Sun Wukong falls beneath a certain threshold of health, the symbol on his forehead will glow with holy power, filling him with renewed vigor and materializing a set of translucent golden-orange spirit armor that increases his durability by a large portion. (Note: this does not heal him)

Art of Extension - Crushing: Sun Wukong has the Ruyi Jingu Bang extend in length, and he slams it down in front of him, dealing damage to all enemies caught in the area and slowing them. If this attack misses, the staff becomes lodged in the dirt for a second, creating an opportunity for counter-attack from his opponent.

Art of Deception - Half Clone: Sun Wukong creates a harmless clone that is identical to himself, and solid enough be believable and not walk through the environment like a ghost. While this clone is active, a powerful magic obscures the mind of his opponent to the point they struggle to decipher which is the real him, but a strong willed foe can through the ruse with effort.

Art of Extension - Cyclone: Sun Wukong has the Ruyi Jingu Bang extend in length, and he whirls it around him like a cyclone, dealing damage to within ten feet of him and knocking unprepared enemies off their feet. He is left slightly reeling after this ability, if it misses, creating the perfect window for a counter-attack

Art of 72 Transformations - Thousand Hand: Sun Wukong transforms himself to have three heads, six arms, and three Ruyi Jingu Bang to make himself a more adept fighter against multiple combatants. This is useful when fighting crowds, but decreases his overall strength

Strengths and Weaknesses:
(+) Birthed from stone: Wukong is hard-bodied and extremely resilient, highly resistant to poison and other things of the like that would infiltrate a normal human body.

(+) The True Master: Wukong is the true master of the Ruyi Jingu Bang and Nimbus Cloud, and can summon them both to him with a whim, making him hard to disarm and disable.

(+) An Ancient Immortal: Sun Wukong has trained in all styles of combat for a millennium, and his senses and reflexes are finely attuned to the world around him and combat because of it. He can hear much more than the average Yogi Bear, and react much faster too.

(+) Christ's Sake, He’s a Monkey: Possibly the greatest strength of Sun Wukong, he is incredibly acrobatic. It is a small feat for him to somersault to the very top of a tall tree, and move from tree top to tree top without hesitation

(-) Equal of Heaven: Wukong is arrogant and self-assured, and will meet any enemy head on with no hesitation. He has paid the price for this many times, but he does not feel the need to learn.

(-) Monkey + Fire = no: Wukong was once trapped in the Laozi's Eight-Trigram Furnace and boiled for forty-nine straight days with no break. He is not physically weak to the element, but he has a mental block that makes him extremely terrified of it.

(-) The Stone Isn’t Light: Wukong is unmatched in acrobatic prowess, but he is not fast, even if his reflexes are. He is rather average on his feet, and cannot keep up with highly mobile enemies without the use of his Nimbus Cloud.
Biography: Warrior, rebel, trickster and monk; Sun Wukong is known by many titles in the East, but it was his Journey to the West that made him a hero.

In his youth, Sun Wukong gained the leadership of the Monkey Tribes, learned the secret arts and spells from a Taoist monk, and acquired the legendary Ruyi Jingu Bang from Ao Kuang, a staff that could change size according to his whim. He defied death itself by erasing his name from the Book of Life and Death, and united many of the other Monster Tribes who sought to ally with him, an act that garnered the attention of the Jade Emperor.

In an attempt to better control the Monkey King, the Jade Emperor awarded him a title in the heavens, but when Sun Wukong discovered his new position was little more than “Royal Stable Boy” he grew angry and he declared himself “Great Sage, Equal of Heaven” and waged war on the heavens. For this treasonous act he was finally captured, and imprisoned beneath a mountain for five centuries.

At long last, the humble monk Xuanzang was seeking disciples to protect him while on his Journey to the West to collect the Indian Sutras. Sun Wukong gladly agreed to serve him, but the Buddha wrapped a golden circlet  around the Monkey King’s head so that Xuanzang could control him. With three other disciples, they faced eighty-one trials during their quest, and collected the sutras. For his service and his strength, Sun Wukong was awarded Buddhahood, finally ascending to heaven and gaining immortality.
Super Move: "Try hitting them harder."
Wukong somersaults onto the Nimbus Cloud and flies to the summit of the arena. While he is ascending, he expands his staff to an enormous proportion, and then the cloud hurtles back to earth at ludicrous speed and he swings the giant Ruyi Jingu Bang down with all his might. When he is finished, he loses all of his magic: this includes the mastery over his staff and the Nimbus Cloud.
Theme Song: "Soul of China"

Monkey you may think of me
but ordinary I am by no means:
timeless and
of primal forces
from a rock I was born
at the Mountain of Flowers and Fruit
I, pure energy, unrestrained
in perpetual motion

Powers? Ha! you mortals are easily impressed
by miracles and powers
aren't you, you puny lot?

In one turn I can travel a 108 000 li
I can do numerous transformations
I can cloud travel
and my magic staff that I keep
in the size of a sewing needle when not in use
has similar powers;
and with each hair of mine
I can be an infinity of myself -
though I'll confess
I can't make a complete change into human
as my tail just won't go away

So in all, great deeds I'm capable of;
and I wiped my name off the Book of Life and Death
so I am immutable -
so why am I even talking to you weaklings?
Go climb a tree, you imbeciles!
And stay up there! Don't descend!
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Re: Balance of Dimensions [Profiles]
« Reply #4 on: December 05, 2015, 03:08:28 AM »
Name: Ashley "Ash" Williams
Age: 23
Personality: Ash is a smug asshole who thinks too big of himself, and doesn't see any point in training.
Sponsorships: SS-Mart
• A shopping center. Shop Smart. SS-Mart.
Bio: Ash grew up believing he was the very best, like no one ever was. His fights would be his real test, and to train was his cause. He would battle across the land, searching far and wide. To battle astrals and understand the power he had inside; then he found a bear and tried to punch it, but it took his arm off. During his stay in the hospital, he dreamt of a warrior whose voice shook the heavens, defeated powerful dragons, and took their souls to fuel his power. He knew this would be his astral: the Dovahkiin himself.

After a couple of years spent learning to fight with his astral, Ash met Amadeus, a man who had the legendary astral Zeus. He offered Amadeus money, but the man refused to take it; the trainer saw potential, and realized it was being wasted in such a pompous fool. So he trained for another year, got sponsored by some grocery mart, and agreed to say a stupid slogan during his interview. He spends his money on modifying his nerf gun and buying liquor. The gun is a nerf shotgun, and goes everywhere with him.

Astral Mark: Left side of his neck
Theme Song: "Pokemon Theme"

Name: Dovahkiin, the Dragonborn
World or Region: Skyrim, Nirn
Dragon Shout - Whirlwind Sprint: The word of power is “Wuld”. The shout grants the ability to dash rapidly forward. The distance depends on how many words of the shout are used.
Oakflesh- The castor creates magical barrier around themselves that resembles wood. Works well with other armor.
Magelight- The castor sends an orb of bright light that sticks to any surface or person. It acts as a source of light. Useful for tracking.
Strength and Weaknesses:
(+)Way of The Voice: Able to use dragon shouts in combat.
(+)Spellblade: Has an enchanted sword that freezes on strike, and uses Alteration magic (Currently has Oakflesh and Magelight)
(-)Still Mortal: He may have the soul of a dragon, but he is still a Nord
(-)Magic Stamina: Can't use too many spells at once.
Super Move: "I'm pretty good at doing other things with my mouth, too."
Dragon Aspect: MUL QAH DIIV
Passive --Grants the ability to use dragon shouts. Also gives increased resistance to damage. (Slightly higher than a mere mortal.)
Active -- When the Dragonborn speaks all three words for Dragon Aspect, his strength, resistance, and armor reach the levels of a dragon. His shouts become more powerful and five can be used in quick succession. Once he uses his five shouts, he has a precious few seconds to make a move before all his magical capabilities are sealed..
Theme Song: "The Song of The Dragonborn"
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Re: Balance of Dimensions [Profiles]
« Reply #5 on: December 05, 2015, 03:46:09 AM »
Human -
Username: Goldforge
Name: Kyoko Valera
Alias: Static Boom Nana
Age: 17
Personality: At the ripe age of 17, Kyoko is a shattered mirror. On one shard, normally shown to friends and acquaintances, she appears aloof, mumbly, and reclusive. That is, as if all that spunk and flair was tucked away, waiting for something to catch her interests.

That particular interest? Battling, and her passion for her career in music. On stadium night, her personality turns on a dime to her second side. Loud, proud, and bubbling with energy, she dons the name of Static Boom Nana. She wears a true rockstar's attire for this occasion, chains, leather jacket, platform boots, and...a crudely put-together cardboard box of a head as if attempting to impress her astral. If it wasn't for how outrageously obnoxious she is during game night, her appreciation for her battle partner would almost appear endearing.
Sponsorship: Beat Machine

Height: 5'

Astral Mark

Location: On back of left hand.

"Battle Wear"

Bio: Kyoko had always had a passion for music in her life. Wether it be rocking out in her room on a Friday night, or cracking open her laptop to work hard at cranking out from fresh new tunes. Sadly, her time for leisure had been cut short by another one of her biggest passions, astral battles. As a kid, she always watched them whirl and clash around on TV, cheering on whichever one seemed to look the coolest. Yes, that's precisely what she wanted. She wanted to be cool, have her own super hero name, and cast herself into the arena to rise to the champion's seat! Well, take a gander at her luck. Out of the blue, she began to dream of a flowing black sea of ink, eyes glaring down at her from overhead. Lo and behold, on Christmas morning, that wish was granted. Her battle costume may be a little on the low-budget side, she supposed it would have to do for now.

Kyoko: https://m.youtube.com/watch?v=pQKnVrRt6DA
Nana SB: https://m.youtube.com/watch?v=AUAtTY2Df1Y
Astral -
Name: Terri Tinkerton
World or Region: B.M. Scrapland

• B.M. Mezzo
The middle ground of all attacks, these swings are basic enough to be used early game. Like all of Terri's attacks, this non-Newtonian substance appears to be black static in a liquid form. Freely flowing, but as hard as steel whenever violent contact is made. In short, it's as if water flowed with great finesse and transformed into a brick upon meeting your face with a hearty slam. These move with the momentum of the average punch, and are not reckless enough to provide any negative side-effects thusfar.

• B.M. Forte
A strong, swinging attack. At maximum, 12 inches in diameter. That's approximately the size across of a bicycle tire. Due to the fluid density if these attacks, Forte acquires the unique ability to warp its liquids into various shapes and pieces of scrap metal or things that may be found in a junkyard. This may very well mean that Terri will attack you with said bicycle tire mentioned earlier. Like a magician's hat, it's hard to really tell what will come out to hit you. Not even Terri can tell. What's for certain is that it will probably hurt if the enemy is unable to dodge, as these move slower.

• B.M. Allegro
On the opposite end of the scale, thinner attacks may be used. These have a lower viscosity and can move much quicker towards their target, but are not very strong in terms of pulling another entity. At maximum, they are two inches in diameter, about the thickness of a large rope. In fact, the very purpose of these attacks is to ensnare victims by an ankle so that Forte attacks can catch up. Fierce, but Allegro attacks can shatter easily, resulting in a loss of max hitpoints. A unique trait of Allegro attacks is their mildly poisoning capabilities if shattered shards enter the skin. Little eloquent messages from Terri that you may very well be taken down with her.

Strengths and Weaknesses:
-+ 2)-5 )-,3 697 :9!3
As highly unpredictable as the flowing static like shifting sands upon her screen. One minute, a bundle of gleeful joy... another, a reckless killing machine. In Layman's Terms has little to no control of herself.
-  0-8! 9; ?@33:8!( .-!,-/
Being a machine that essentially attacks with its own blood, Terri will lose max hit points off of her life counter depending on how much fluid she is unable to absorb back into her body after an attack.
?In order to even begin attacking in the first place, Terri's skin must be pierced to allow blood to flow out. At the same time, she seems to have a lot more fluid in her than a body would logically hold.
-+ /)-5534 /@92 /-: '9'3!5
Corresponding to the debuff above, Forte attacks will leave larger puddles behind and move with the consistency of silly putty, while if [smaller] tendrils are broken, a Prince Rupert's drop effect takes hold, shattering the entire appendage to send a violent smattering of the metallic substance everywhere. A double-edged sword of a death rattle. Take it as you will.
+ 43?78@: 430-84 7!/0@8558!( 2-534/
Terri has been able to display remarkable regeneration...at the cost of her blood. The speed of said regeneration is also dependent on how many hit points are left, truly a large gamble. At the same time, every wound is a new area that bleeds is a gateway she can attack from. However, this only applies to the corporeal form, and the only place she cannot heal is
- (@-// ,38@ 8!/5-!5
That brittle screen of hers. As well as stopping herself from bleeding, her health bar will shrink down in max size depending on how much she had lost. All in all, it's a pseudo heal.
+ ;@92 @8&3 5)3 ?@99:
However, in order to catch said screen, the enemy would have to catch her first. She is shockingly agile and acrobatic across the field, like dancing rain. One would have to be quite skilled on the trigger in order to reach the core of the black static mayhem that she is. Thankfully, the less hit points she has left, the thinner her attacks become. Of course, this means she will only get faster at attacking with her blood, though her body slows down.
+- :93/ 5)8/ 3,3! .97!5 ?
The static of that screen is entrancing, isn't it? The exact same static that will tear you to bloody pieces. Don't stare too long, will you? These effects are still being...tested for their true properties. Of all things, it can be tenderly pinpointed as 'madness', a shrill ringing in the head.
Super Move:
B.M. Finale

Depending on how many hitpoints Terri has left, this attack could get a little...interesting.
Signified by a large, inky black eye opening in the sky, the true power of Terri is revealed!
.-.-.- -- . / . ..-. --- ...- --. .-. .. / ... .- .--. . .-.. . .-.-.. .-.-.- ..- --- -.-- / .-.. . --- ... / - .----. .-.. ..- -.. -. .-- --- / .. / .- - - .... / ... --- / - .. / .. -.. -.. / --- -. .-.. -.-- / .. .-.-.. .-.-.- --. .-. --- -.-- .-.. / ..-. .-. --- / . .-. . ...- -. / .- .-- ... / - .. .-.-.. .-.-.- ... - .-. --- . .-. / .-.. .- ... - / .- / .-- .- ... / .... ... .. -
What ever appendages are left over by the time this finishing move is activated, they will twist and warp into a set of black wings, granting her a jump boost to give off the illusion of flight. The constant messy flickering of her screen finally forms a picture that stays still, in the form of a wicked, sludgy grin of ink. Within a 50 foot radius of where she stands, the world seems to bleed out, organic material shifting into twisted metal with a strong stench of ozone and iron. From here, if she so chooses, she can absorb the fluid dripping off these warped structures to regain her lost health. However, she will grow heavier at this decision to 'drink back new blood', moving slower.
Absolutely terrifying.
In this state, she can move even faster, but is only limited to Allegro attacks that are easily prone to shattering. The only difference is that her health bar will always stay at the same size, so she must carry out as many needle-thin attacks in quick succession until her ultimate runs out of time.
The timer is indicated by her screen slowly filling with the black substance mentioned throughout this sheet. When it is full, the ultimate will be cancelled, and the world will return to normal as her screen deactivates.
The result will leave Terri without her B.M. Attacks, blinded and sluggish in movement, a murky screen left completely vulnerable to impact.
Though, would you?
*Note, brings Terri down to one health.

Height: 5'3"
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Re: Balance of Dimensions [Profiles]
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Username: GoldForge
Name:Alexa Lockhart
Personality: Not exactly the 'sociable' type. Likes to stay in her room to get away from the bustle of daily life, has a serious weak point for snacks, and hates to be dragged out to socialize.
Bio:Despite living deep in the heart of the city, Alexa would much rather stay at home curled up with a good video game than hit the town to meet up with friends. In fact, one could say that she had been plaged with 'the socially awkward curse', every attempt to converse with people or help 'real world people' ending in her being in a stuttery, nervous wreck. Eventually, not wanting to be a burden to anyone or make a fool out of herself, she shut herself away in her room to hide away from the terrors of socialization, only speaking to the outside world through an online alias, GoldForge. Then, one week... a dream that could only be described as a cross between an M.C. Escher work, a cave, and a mad scientist's lab smacked down in the middle of a scorching hellfire blaze repeated over and over for the next few days. Every time, a drone or two would whizz right past her head, and the blurry silhouette of an odd girl would sit among the flame-lit rocks, always seeming to be putting some strange mechanical creation together. Every night, she would doze off and return to the same dreamscape, the details growing more and more clear until the armored girl finally took notice of her prescence. With a sharp movement, the ghostly pale figure whipped her head around to face Alexa, piercing white-pupiled eyes beaming through the darkness like floodlights. Waking with a start, she managed to barely catch sight of a strange symbol etching itself into the back of her hand before she fell back to sleep once more. Little did she know, that was the exact moment where her life would change forever.
Over the last three years, Alexa has frequently been sponsored by a locally owned restaurant, Spark's Grill. It started out as just somewhat of a joke proposition, that maybe she could represent them in a tournament if she didn't need to pay... And she's been sponsored for the past three years.

Astral Being
Name:Goldlock Crab
World, or region:Blackforge Rift, located in the Shattered Plateau.
Fidgets: From the moment Crab arrives in the arena, if the space allows, she sets off to find a particularily isolated area. From here, she will try to set up 2-3 basic drones from the scrap metal in her inventory. If successful, she will then send these drones out to hunt for the opponent while she searches for more scrap metal in order to reach her maximum of 4-5 drones around late-game. Although relatively small (around the size of a soccer ball), It seems that Crab is able to control them at any time remotely, and can 'see' what they see in short bursts.
        *By 'see', Crab's senses are currently not that clear, so she receives a blurry shadowy outline of everything in her head.

Crab Claws: Once Crab feels that she has a safe number of drones set up or she senses the enemy nearby, Crab will summon a pair of massive mechanical claws to cover her hands. These may be used as both a shield or quite a hefty pair of melee weapons when needed.
Sear: Pretty basic explanation. You swing your arm, it does a fire slash thing. Future upgrades may actually allow for the 'throwing' of fire. Yes, medium-range fireballs. Old-timey chestnut-roasting classic.

Fissure:Just another fancy name for the Rock Wave attack from Chaotic. Crab slams her claws down, cracking the ground in a straight path and shooting up a trail of sharp boulders as it moves along. Goes on for about 10 metres, so it's safe to say it's about a medium-range attack.

Strength and weaknesses:
Strengths: Right off the bat, one can take notice that crab has a considerable amount of armor covering her back. When the Crab Claws are active, she also gains another bit of armor. Her steam shell is relatively lightweight, so she can move quickly at the beginning of the match. Once fully armed, however, she becomes more of a tanked-up engineer. Beware the five-drone frenzy if she ever manages to max out her Fidget capacity. After eons of working deep in the cores of Blackforge Rift, Crab has built up a considerable resitance against heat and fire, allowing her to even go as far as to have jets of fire searing straight out of the circular vents on the forearm shatfs of her Crab Claws.This makes close combat rather.... interesting, certainly.
Weaknesses: Although powerful against opponents in close-range, Crab's claws have a considerable about of weight to them, causing her to be rather slow and have difficulty with dodging quick attackers. Also, due to having little to no armor on her frontside, a single, well-timed strike could slip past her claws and render her defeated in an instant. Because of this, Crab tries to keep a considerable amount of distance between herself and the opponent. A wind-based astral could most certainly break the effect of Mist if powerful enough, and Crab relies highly on her drones for long-range attacking. Crab's antennae are also fairly blind to attacks from above or below.
Super move "Baby, my heart's on fire!"
Passive -- Goldlock's drone assembly line on her back and gauntlets are constantly venting heat, causing the world around her to grow hazy and misty.
Active: Goldlock shuts off ventilation, sending her gauntlets and mini-assembly line into a heat frenzy. Melee attacks cause burn and fire damage, and she even begins to swing and attack with more force and vigor. This also, however, causes the metal to begin to melt as it overheats; doing a bit of damage to her as it falls to the ground, leaving her with only a smaller pair of (probably charred) gloves, and whatever drones are still alive.

WHAAAAAAT?! That's not enough? you want 'em, we got 'em! Chibis!

I suppose that's enough Crab on your plate for now! See you in the arena!


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Re: Balance of Dimensions [Profiles]
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Username: LunarOrbiter
Name: Hannah Bailey
Age: 18
Personality: Hannah is fairly neutral in just about anything she happens to do. She prefers to be the voice of reason in dire situations. She's only human though, so don't be surprised if she loses her head from time-to-time. Will give her all and protects her friends at all costs.
Sponsor: Arsenal Football Club
•Hannah has been a fan of Arsenal for her whole life. She even played with the woman's U14, U16 and U18 teams for a while. It was only fitting that they sponsored her!
Bio: Hannah grew up in the west end of London and has lived there for most of her life. Bored with how average her life was, she decided to travel. Since then, Hannah has traveled to counties all over the U.K, and has even visited parts of Europe. When the dreams started, she thought it was a recurring nightmare. In it, some...disturbing things...would happen to her friends and family. A lone figure, with a red sword thing? What could that mean? The doctors told her she had made contact with her "astral". Of course, she knew what that meant. While initially being uneasy about bonding with said astral, she realised that this was an opportunity to fulfill her dream of exploring the world. After all, tournaments happened on every corner on the planet. It was her chance to finally do something with her life. Up until then, she wasn't sure what but...Anyway, I bet you're wondering about how the story of how Hannah befriended Reiko? Well, that's a story for another day. In the meantime, enjoy the shenanigans that will ensue.

A few hobbies:

Hannah enjoys a variety of different things. For example, she's an avid gamer - apparently she's a big fan of the FIFA series - and this has led to her having a small YouTube channel. On it, she posts videos of her destroying scrubs, in which she reacts to hilarious reactions. Of course, she isn't a God at video games, and has been known to rage quit, if taking a heavy beating.
Another fun activity Hannah loves to do is sports. I know, right?! We didn't think it was possible either! But alas, we now know that Hannah is quite a serious footballer. Playing as a striker, she has scored past many opponents, and has even won several trophies with the younger Arsenal team. For being so young, Hannah is quite accomplished.
Hannah has been noted to be a serious nerd by her colleagues at college. She has a deep love for ocean and the creatures that inhabit it. Yes, even the deep-sea creatures. Yes, we also know that Hannah is quite a strange fellow. Of course, she enjoys other things too, but it looks like we're all out of characters(excuse the pun) to tell you anymore! For now, this is all you need to know about Hannah. I hope you have a good time!

Astral Being
Name: Reiko
Technique: Reiko is a mercenary. Because of this, she doesn't really have an affiliation to any sort of organisation. She prefers her lightsabre, whom she stole from a Sith in training.  Okay, enough monologuing - here's a list of attacks she can do:
Blaster charge - Reiko's trusty blaster can get her out of tight situations, not to mention providing some ranged attacks if necessary. It's mostly used as an offensive weapon, or to provide covering fire. She keeps it holstered on her left hip.
Lightsabre - Reiko's lightsabre is her preferred weapon of choice. Since she stole it from a Sith, the colour of her blade is a distinct light red colour and is NOT double-sided. Her preferred fighting style is Form III. This fighting style is more defensive and can deflect any shots from blasters, though this can prolong combat - causing fatigue. If fights are dragged out, this could be dangerous.
The Force - As Reiko is force sensitive, she is able to manipulate objects in her environment, to some degree. If in peril, she can use the force to increase some physical capabilities, such as increased speed and agility. However, this causes her to tire much quicker, so it can be dangerous if overused.
Strength and weaknesses:
Strengths: Her biggest strength is her versatility in long and short-ranged combat. While not having the best shot, she can do well enough to protect herself from distance.
At close range, she can be deadly with her sabre. Her enemies best be prepared for her attacks, or they could lose a limb.
Finally, Reiko is determined to protect those she cares about. And she will stop at no ends to kill you if you threaten her loved ones. This passion drives her on in desperate times.
Weaknesses: While Reiko is a strong swordswoman, she lacks formal training. This could be a weakness, especially when facing an enemy who has a vast background of experience. Indeed, she has barely escaped with her life on many occasions because of this.
Ironically, another weakness of Reiko is her preferred duelling form. Since it tends to prolong battles, Reiko is susceptible to fatigue making her movements slower, thus, making her movements easier to predict and dodge. Because of this, she can only battle for a short period of time.
Super move: "The dark side of the force."
Channels the force into a compelling weapon: The force lightning. Though not guaranteed to hit, it will take quite a bit of skill to completely dodge, and if you're hit... Don't expect a swift recovery - if any. The downside to this, is that it drains her both physically and mentally; depleting both her strength in the force, and physical.
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Re: Balance of Dimensions [Profiles]
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Name: Jade Johnson
Age: 17
Personality: Jade attempts to greet everyone with a smile, even if she may not be too sure of the situation. Quiet to some, Jade won’t hesitate to voice her opinion on a matter, speaking with a facade of confidence.
Sponsorship: Leaf Me Alone tea.
Biography: Born into a small town, and for the most part lived the life of a ‘civilian’. She went to school, had a party time job, tried to maintain a normal life, like the other’s of her family. In her mind, she wasn’t a battler; never would be, never wanted to be. And then… The dreams set in.

Sometimes, the dreams were simple, she was in the role of a girl studying for a position on something called ‘The Citadel’. Other times, she was in the role of a girl working on a set of drones; other times still, she would be testing the drones, or on patrol. It was a strange experience still.

However, one day, the dreams stopped. On that day, a small tower surrounded by a shield-like dome printed across her ankle. From that day forward, she began her astral battling career; and eventually, picked up the sponsorship of a small Tea company, before eventually making her way into the tournament.
Appearance: Rising to a medium 5’7”, Jade typically hides her pale complexion and thin frame under white dress-shirts, sometimes even throwing on a tie if she’s feeling fancy. She has long, (obviously dyed) dark-greenish hair, that can often be a pain to keep straight. With the aid of contacts, she’s able to mostly go glasses-less, with red colored contacts planted in her eyes, something she thought looked ‘cute’, and is something she is mostly happy with. Upon her ankle, is her faint teal mark; that glows a dark blue when it comes time to sync.
Theme: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=cmR4QHwlshw&app=desktop

Astral -
Name: Ariane Redthorn
World or Region: The Citadel.
Drone Specialist: While not completely adept at fighting herself, Ariane specializes in managing, modding, and repairing drones during combat. To do this, she makes use of a small toolkit, along with a remote.
Strengths and Weaknesses:
(+) Problem Solving: Ariane's swift in thinking, keeping check of, and modding her drones at all times.
(+) Planning: Putting a plan into every move, Ariane will attempt to block off, or zone off different areas with the help of her drones.
(-) Reliance: Ariane is reliant on her tools and drones to fight; having no combat experience whatsoever when it comes to hand-to-hand.
(-) Eyes and Ears: While her senses are completely fine, she tends to focus more on what her drones see, which… Can be a problem, if someone was to sneak up on her.
Super Move: “Activate protocols, uh… Seven, through twelve!”
Passive -- Every three posts, Ariane can choose a ‘mod’ to apply to her drones. Current mods:
• [Antigravity.]
• [Focused Lasers.]
• [Increased drone count.]
• Can Control up to [3] drones at a time.
Active -- The drones disappear from their original locations, forming a line in front of her. For a temporary amount of time, the drones act as if all mods have been applied, spawning a [4th] drone if not already present. The power of the mods are then increased; more and more power being pumped into them with each second. Mods cannot be applied after use, and all current mods are broken.
Appearance: Ariane stands at a rather short 4'11", with a pale, almost slightly glossy complexion. Hidden under her 'Work uniform' (A gray hoodie with the citadel's logo on it), she hides a small but lean frame; with a small, but visible exoskeleton lining her limbs and back, key points emphasized by small fuzz-like armor. Atop her head, she has medium-length, curly black hair; which is a pain to keep out of her eyes. Finally, she has four sets of hazel eyes, each set varying in size.
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Re: Balance of Dimensions [Profiles]
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Name: Jasmine Kankitsu
Age: 21
Personality: Jasmine is a rather quiet and skittish girl, one who does her best to keep her confidence high… Which her best, often, isn’t enough. This doesn’t leave her completely out of luck, however, as there are two things that seem to help her break out of her small, frail shell; astral battling, and the band she’s a part of. Neither of which, could she be more enthusiastic about.
Sponsorship: The Hyperion Corporation
A home-defense and security manufacturing company.
Bio: Brought into the world as part of a large family, Jasmine had several siblings; both male and female, older and younger. For the first eight years of her life, they assumed her to be mute. According to the doctor’s, there was nothing wrong, yet… She never uttered a single word. Mostly communicating through gestures, and even writing the older she got.

Over time, as she grew, it was just accepted that she would never speak, however, they wouldn’t have to. At the age of nine, she began watching and - to their amazement - cheering on a sport; astral battling. The entire sport fascinated her, the thought of warriors, from all different area’s, clashing and competing was just… Amazing, to her.

And though, over the next few years, she never ‘got her mark’, her fascination with the sport never ceased. Eventually, her passion moved from watching astral battles to performing in a band, that she and a few friends had started when she was fifteen. To her joy, they were able to open for several smaller tournaments, scoring them also a nice view of the actual fights when they took place.

Long after she had accepted that she just wouldn’t be a battler however, she received word of a… Project, going on, where one of her older siblings worked, that needed some volunteers. She was informed that they were working on a project to try and create an astral for those that didn’t have one, for those that couldn’t have one. Of course, they also mentioned the effects that it could have on the volunteers, but… The numerous possible downsides, didn’t seem like much in her eyes.

At the age of eighteen, the project came to fruition; marking her with her astral mark, only visible by the red glow her left eye takes when she’s about to sync. Though she hasn’t ran into any real side-effects yet, she has been warned that there may be some odd dreams later on in life; even if she doesn’t have them now. Regardless, due to the nature of her astral’s origin, she was able to skip through most of the odd, jarring things that tend to happen with natural battlers; somehow managing to not only compete in numerous tournaments, but get a fairly nice sponsor for the one that really matters.
Astral Mark: Left Pupil. http://i.imgur.com/5gaLIrq.png
Theme: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Q1Y_AZ8fJD0

Name:  Loader Bot
World or Region: Helios Space Station
Power Management: [Loader Bot] can  control where the majority of his power is directed to buff up his energy shield - which is what he cautiously begins with - but can also change to lessen his shield but amplify his strength, or speed.
Load Out Screen: [Loader Bot] has a variety of weapons that he can carry on inside himself, but a very restricted amount of space. Before each match he must select the items to occupy the slot of his left and right hand, and left and right shoulder.
• The Sentinel: An assault rifle that would occupy the slot of his left arm. The rate of fire is on average eight BPS, but it can wind all the way up to 16 BPM. It has a clip size of 45 bullets per reload.
• Riot Shield: A tough, high-quality riot shield that would occupy the slot of his right arm. It is very capable of blocking powerful blows, and makes a passable battering ram when needed.
• Shoulder-Mounted Rocket Launcher: A roaster class rocket launcher built in the chamber of his right shoulder. It is a low-model, single chamber weapon, and he has 4 missiles to use per battle.
• Longbow Grenade: A grenade launcher housed in the chamber of his left shoulder. When fired, the grenade teleports to the destination it would reach instantly, but it has high prime time before it explodes. It is useful for zoning an area, because the blast radius is large, even though it is not devastatingly powerful. He has a total of 4 per match.
Strengths and Weaknesses:
(+) Hyperion Defense: [Loader Bot] was manufactured as a defensive model, with reinforced bullet proof armor and - you probably guessed it - a tougher energy shield. It is invisible to the human eye, but when stuck it glows with a bright orange color.

(+) Hyperion… Ah *$&@ it:  [Loader Bot] is extremely fast when moving in a single direction, but he can’t turn very well; he is like a charging bull. Without momentum he is slow, and with it he is strained.

(-) Metal doesn’t bend: The lower half of [Loader Bot] was not built to adjust itself mid-run. He can easily pivot his top half around in an 180 degree angle, but his legs do not adjust quickly, and can even suffer damage when he is moving too fast.

(- +) Hyperion Efficiency: After taking considerable amounts of damage, to lessen the power strain, [Loader Bot] will discard the weight of the armor protecting his joints. While this helps in the long run when it comes to energy, it will also reveal a weak point in his body, being the joints.
Super Move: “Don’t tell me the sky’s the limit when I’m shooting you from the moon.”
[Loader Bot] calls in a few favors, locking onto the target mid-fight. After that’s done… They shoot from the moon. No, literally, a shell is fired straight from the moon, aimed to hit his opponent. This will fire three shots exactly, with a medium-to-small sized explosion… For, y’know, coming from the moon, at least. At the end of this ultimate, is drains his power reserves almost completely, leaving him in a… Less… Suitable, form.


Height: 10’6”.
Weight: 4.000 LBS
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Re: Balance of Dimensions [Profiles]
« Reply #10 on: December 16, 2015, 03:36:36 AM »
Human -
Name: Stella Harrison
Age: 19
Personality: Stella obsesses over her performance; focusing solely on battling, and how she can improve. Due to this, she’s rarely coaxed out of her room to anywhere but one of the sparring rooms, and even then when she does… She’s basically a fish out of water.
Sponsorship: Facilitation Inc.
A rival company to “Galactic Industries”, trying to pioneer the Astral Equipment scene, after a few failed business models.
Biography: Stella was daughter to a previous contestant, and battler. She grew up on stories of battlers, and the great fights that partook, even watching some replays for herself, always enthralled by the action. Naturally, she was excited when both her father and mother told her that it was in her blood, that she would become a battler herself. She was not, however, excited when the dreams set in.

They started out like nightmares; trapped within a completely walled off section of humanity, in the body of a girl who was sought to be killed by every inhabitant. In the body of a girl, who’s only goal was to keep disaster from breaking loose; and to keep those in the prison-like war there too, if she had to.

Luckily for her… One day, the dreams stopped. The day they stopped, she woke up with a ‘symbol’, in the form of a serial number printed below her neck: “F-003, IO”, the words read. She dove headfirst into astral battling from that moment on, if not to compete, then to learn more about who she was during those dreams. One thing led to another, and she was hired as the representative of ‘Facilitation Inc.’ at the upcoming tournament.
Appearance: Standing a bit shorter than others at 5’4”, Stella has an almost unnaturally pale complexion, with a frail frame. Atop her head she has short black hair, with bright green eyes that seem to focus on one thing, never leaving a target once it’s seen. When it comes to her outfit, she normally wears what appears to me a jersey with the company’s logo on it, along with a pair of comfortable jeans and sneakers. A little bit below her neck, lies her astral mark, the serial number of her Astral being planted on it.

Astral -
Name: Alice  Iota.
World or Region: Facility-003
A.I.:  Alice Iota, as the control A.I. of the facility, she has learned to manipulate the world around her to a varying degree, allowing her to perform some… Interesting feats, depending on the selected map.
Strength and Weaknesses -
( + ) Manipulation: Alice Iota manipulates the world around her slightly, giving her the appearance of levitation. Footprints are not left behind.
( + ) Conspiring Against You: Alice Iota channels her attacks through the terrain, attacking through the landscape itself.
( + ) Raw Power: Alice Iota seems to hold a lot of raw power, causing her attacks to hit rather hard, and possibly fast.
( - ) Conflicting Ideals: Alice Iota and Stella are near constantly shifting control to each other depending on the situation, as Stella enjoys combat more than talking. They have equal ‘strength’ when it comes to their personalities, and shift continually.
( - ) Raw Power: But no control. Alice Iota has power, but her control is limited; meaning that she often expends much more energy than intended in an attack, or the attack will even be misjudged in range or power.
( - ) Limitations: Alice Iota is only able to attack through the terrain, and is unable to ‘directly’ attack her opponent. As such, she’s dependant on the world to be shaped in her favor.
Super Move: “Oh dear, again? Please, be more careful next time.”
Passive: Alice Iota leaves spare ‘code’, or ‘matter’ at the source of her attacks. This does give her away, but can be controlled independently to shape terrain, at the cost of energy.
Active: Alice Iota corrupts the world around her slightly, granting her temporary increased control in an oval area, and draining that section of the world of it’s color. After a set amount of time, the area begins moving independently of her, and will even begin aiming strikes at her. She is then unable to control any terrain in that area. This ability costs a large amount of power, and should be used strategically early on, if she wishes to reach it’s max potential.
Appearance: Iota ‘stands’ at a short 5’2”, however, due to her cheating hovering, she appears to be roughly 5’6”. She seems to hide her small size and stature under a large, oversized labcoat, almost completely obscuring her lower half save for a pair of sneakers. Going a bit past her neck, flows her curly, pink dyed hair; often slightly obscuring her soft blue eyes.
Theme Song: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=fThTcbl5v2k&app=desktop

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Re: Balance of Dimensions [Profiles]
« Reply #11 on: December 19, 2015, 06:10:17 AM »
Username: Humen
Name: Tyler "Mac" MacEntire
Age: 23
Personality: Tyler MacEntire, usually just called Mac, is cheery and hopeful. He strives to bring the best out in others and will do what he can to support them. He's a bit of a health nut and can almost always be found outside running around to stay active.
Sponsorship: American Cancer Society
• An organisation whose goal is to raise awareness of the cause of cancer, and fund those who have it.
Biography: Mac was like any other child; healthy and active, and generally carefree. But that changed not soon after his 12th birthday, when he was diagnosed with terminal cancer. He was given a two years to live with extensive treatment, but his family didn't have the money to pay for his medical bills, and his health continued to deteriorate rapidly.

It looked fairly grim for the young boy, and everyone had given up on him and the inevitably of his death, but in his heart Mac knew that was not where his story was going to end. When the point came that it seemed like things could get no more dire for the adolescent, he had a dream of a phantom-like creature; he was in a strange forest of some kind, and a dozen other people that looked just like him filled the clearing. They said only one thing before he woke up: "your time has not come."

When Mac woke up, whether through inhuman determination or some otherworldly miracle, his cancer had begun to recede rapidly. Within a month it could not be found, and within the year was pronounced completely free from the curse that had haunted him. With a few months of physical therapy, Mac made a full recovery, with a new will to live.

After overcoming what had been seen as certain death, he was able to return to school, and eventually to college, where his dreams would continue and an astral mark would finally appear on him. It turned out he was a natural at the sport, and competed for his school in local competitions. When it came time for him to graduate, he was given an unbelievable opportunity: inspired by his story of recovery, the ACS asked him to compete professionally with their sponsorship, to promote that people like him could recover, and to never give up hope and bring more attention to their cause.
Astral Mark:"Lower Back"
Theme Song: "Happy Little Clouds"

Name: Azwraith, the Phantom Lancer
World, or Region: Village of Pole
Juxtapose: With each attack that Phantom Lancer lands, his amounts of his illusions multiply (3 illusions + landed blow = 6 illusions).

Spirit Lance: Taking a moment to gather energy, Phantom Lancer and each of his illusions materialize ethereal lances to throw at their foe. It is medium-range in damage, but it adds up when six of them are thrown at once.

Phantom Rush: Phantom Lancer himself rushes toward his foe at great speed, as if he was one of his illusions. He can phase through anything in his path, and though this is a risky move, it is strong enough to completely take his foe off of their feet.

Triple Gang: By dispelling all of his illusions at once, Phantom Lancer can summon 2 illusions that are more durable and hit harder than any normal illusion to fight alongside him for a set amount of time.
Strengths and Weaknesses:
(+) Ur 2 Slow: Phantom Lancer is extremely fast and agile, letting him zero in and close the distance between himself and his foes with ease.

(+) Identical Thousandth: Every single illusion that is created is identical to Phantom Lancer, and connected to the same conscious as him. It is extremely easy for him to hide among their rank and avoid detection.

(+) As Real As They Feel: The illusions that Phantom Lancer creates are corporeal and heavy-handed, and hit nearly as hard as he does. They also make excellent walls of meat to defend him.

(-) No Stamina These Days: The illusions he summons are frail, and easily taken out by hitting them, or just stalling a few minutes. On top of that, each illusion he summons is weaker than the last, until it gets to the point they are disappearing as soon as they form.

(-) Ain't No Glass Jaw: But Phantom Lancer is no tank either. He is not taken by a single blow, but he can't go pound-for-pound with the best of them without the use of his clones, so if he can be found and pinpointed, a battle could be ended simply by taking him out.
Super Move: "I'm going ghost!"
Phantom Lancer releases his physical body, and exists solely on the ethereal plane, lessening the damage he takes from those on the physical plane and striking through them, to deal damage to their very spirit, ignoring armor. As time goes on, he becomes harder to hit and his blows deal more damage, but after only a moment or two longer he fades completely into the ethereal plane and loses the match.
Theme Song: "Attack"
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