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The Game

What is Pokemon Universe?

Pokémon Universe is an online game that takes the game play of the original Pokémon games (blue, gold, diamond etc.) and turns it into a Pokémon MMORPG (massively multiplayer online role-playing game).

An online version of the Pokémon games, hasn't that been done already?

Pokémon Universe is not an online conversion of the existing Pokémon games. This is a whole new game set in a brand new region, taking the popular gameplay of the existing Pokémon games and adding many unique features and enhancements to create an even better experience.

What we have to offer:

  • A whole new world to explore alone or with friends.
  • Tons of new quests to solve including a party system for team play.
  • Surprising new events on the world map bring unprecedented realism.
  • Catch and train all currently known Pokemon.
  • Battle against NPC's and other players. Including team battles (e.g. 2 vs 2).
  • Tournaments. Beat all other players and win unique game content.
  • Trade or sell your obtained Pokémon and items.
  • Talk to the players around you or open the world chat to talk to everyone currently online.
  • Create your own customizable character (male or female), choosing your own clothes, skin colour, hair, and accessories.

Ever wondered how it's possible that a trainer who has fought thousands of battles and captured dozens of Pokémon doesn't get any better in doing so? So did we...

Experienced trainers will be able to train Pokémon faster, catch Pokémon faster and much more. The choices you make on your journey will allow you to specialize your skills. Will you become the best?

The adventure never ends. The game world will constantly grow with new area's and quests.

The best of it all... Pokémon Universe will be Free To Play