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Other Chat / Chit Chat Thread
« on: March 03, 2014, 03:39:09 pm »
Okay, so it's great that everybody wants to chat again, but this has lead to lot of off topic posting. So I have decided to resurrect the long dead Chit Chat Thread for all your chatting needs!

Anyways, has anybody else been watching Twitch Plays Pokemon? It's strangely addictive...

News & Announcements / [Faction] Pokémon League Commission
« on: March 27, 2012, 11:00:17 pm »
Sorry for this taking so long guys, and I realise that this is becoming more a Monthly update than weekly update, but I've been pretty busy lately. Here's the last planned faction, which ends the summaries for now.

Pokémon League Commission

Story:   The global organisation the Pokémon League Commission was set up many years ago as a means of testing trainers’ abilities to the limit. The history of the organisation is unknown, though it is believed to have existed in some form or another for the past 600 years. With the growing inhabitation of Miryus, fuelled by mass emigration, the Commission as it is commonly known took it upon themselves to create some kind of order. Competitions and tournaments were held across the already populated regions to find those strong enough to be gym leaders.
   In the past the number of gyms had always been restricted by available area, which was proved to be the case with the controversial 9th gym in Kanto. In Miryus however, the landmasses and islands diversity meant that many more towns, villages and cities were likely to be built. To factor this into account, it was decided by the board that 17 gyms would be founded. Additionally, the lack of new Pokémon in the region meant that no new starter Pokémon could be chosen, leading to the decision that eligible youngsters could pick from any of the existing 15 starters.
   Of course, the majority of new trainers don’t really care about the background of the Commission, however, they would wisely bear in mind that only those who have registered are permitted to challenge gym leaders.

Logo: TBC

News & Announcements / [Faction] Team Rocket
« on: March 04, 2012, 10:10:46 pm »
Okay guys, here's the penultimate faction, I hope you guys have enjoyed reading these as much as I have writing them.

Team Rocket


History: After the collapse of Team Rocket in Johto, Giovanni retired to an isolated house in the country with his family and Pokémon. The failure never left him however, and 10 years later, he succumbed to months of depression and stress, dying in his sleep. His only child, Leopoldo saw what had become of his father and vowed to never follow the same path of evil. He left home at the budding age of 10, with the aim of becoming the greatest Pokémon trainer ever. He trained hard and his career peaked 2 years later when he won the Kanto Pokémon League Competition, narrowly defeating a mysterious girl of similar age. Once declared a Pokémon master, Leopoldo saw his dreams as fulfilled and settled down in Goldenrod City to contribute back to society, volunteering as a Pokémon hairdresser. His kindness and generosity became famous and the queue outside his door would stretch around the corner. At the suggestion of one of his clients, Leopoldo ran for mayor, becoming the youngest person ever to do so at the age of 18. Sadly, he lost the elections by a landslide, though retaining second place. In a rage, he packed his belongings and left, never to be seen in Goldenrod again.
March the following year; a major bank was robbed in Saffron City, a newly regrouped gang of Rocket members claiming responsibility. Since then attacks by the criminal group have intensified to a level of violence, surpassing that under the rule of Giovanni. With the discovery of Miryus however, the publicity of Team Rocket has dropped dramatically, with no evidence of them being found in regions other than Jhoto and Kanto. Citizens and law enforcement alike hope for this calm stalemate to continue, however unlikely that may be.

News & Announcements / [Faction] East Miryus Trading Company
« on: February 26, 2012, 09:52:45 pm »
East Miryus Trading Company

Backstory:The typical pirates of the Miryus region that holds claim to the waters surrounding the eastern part. They are a tough brigade of Sailors that love nothing more than a good battle, and a large sum of cash. They are led by Captain Stark Raven, the mad man of the sea, who leads the crew on the Grand Hydreigon, a large ship shaped like the savage Pokémon.  They have a talent for smuggling stolen and illegal goods, and manage to get around the trade regulations with ease.

There are rumors that the EMTC has a black market hidden somewhere in Miryus, and the only way to find it is by earning Stark’s respect, which he says is “The greatest treasure anyone can obtain.” The black market sells a multitude of items, including slowpoketails, and the fabled Berserk Gene.

Logo: TBC

News & Announcements / [Faction] Monimex Inc.
« on: February 15, 2012, 08:53:40 pm »
Sorry for the late post, but I've been kind of busy.

Monimex Inc.

(Work In Progress)

Background Story: 18 years ago, throughout the months of July and August, Sinnoh experienced a summer unlike any before. Many speculated that the disappearance of the red and blue orbs 5 years previously was to blame; all that Annita saw however, was a whole new business opportunity. Using pieces from her ornamental windmill and calculator, she designed a solar powered fan. After originally selling the device only to her elderly neighbours, the fan soon caught on, becoming the must have gadget of the summer. The jury-rigged nature of the product lead to it frequently breaking down, meaning that before long she was touring the region, making repairs, naturally charging a small fee. It soon became far too much work for just her, and so she employed two of her childhood friends to make the rounds for her.

With her hands now free, it became apparent that the market was reaching saturation point. She would need to come up with something more to keep the business ticking over. With the heat wave being seemingly endless, she decided on a simple drink delivery system. After placing your order, you would have fresh water or lemonade brought to your door within the hour. Business was soon booming and Monimex Inc. was founded.

After the hostile takeover of Silph. Co. in the highly publicised ‘Winter Crash’ of 2545, Monimex Inc. has established itself as the largest corporation in the world, dealing in everything from Pokéballs to mining equipment. Over the years, the now managing director Annita has employed a total of fifteen directors, some of whom engage in reportedly unethical practises, though nothing has as of yet been proven. As a growing company, they are always eager for fresh blood, and willingly employ young trainers.

News & Announcements / [Faction] Team Tashogu
« on: February 05, 2012, 09:27:58 pm »
EDIT: After a lengthy discussion between myself and CortexJ, this team has now been renamed Team Entropy.

Team Entropy

Backstory: Team Entropy started off as a small street gang who thought the laws on Miryus were pointless, and interfered with having fun. They spent their times stealing from stores, mugging people when they could, and being a common nuisance everywhere they went. They kept on this path for a few years, until a new member, Theodore Martin, decided to go for bigger jobs: robbing banks, stealing Pokémon, and causing enough trouble for the MPD as possible.
Team Entropy is a literal joke to the MPD, and is more annoying to deal with everything else happening in the region. Theodore has become the new leader of Entropy, and hopes to land a big job soon, but even then, he can’t get past the smeared reputation of what could have been the greatest criminal organization that ever existed.

The Entropy Creed

“Take what you want, and give nothing back. The world belongs to Entropy!”

EDIT: My bad, forgot to mention that this is by CortexJ

News & Announcements / [Faction] The Pidgey Post
« on: January 29, 2012, 10:41:57 pm »
The Pidgey Post


Background Story: When the first settlers arrived on Miryus, news was conveyed by word of mouth. This was due to the fact that the only permanent habitation was located in Port Ouro. Explorers and the like stayed and travelled in small groups of tents. Due to the basic method of communication, messages often took weeks to arrive and were distorted due to the many retellings. Of course, it was only a short while before this became outdated, and the Rapidash Courier Service was formed. It was created by a few out of work cowboys, who used their steeds to quickly deliver letters.
      There were extreme limitations however, as only so much weight could be carried by a man on a horse. Eventually, as new towns and villages were founded, a rival service was set up. Naming themselves the Pidgey Post, they used their variety of bird Pokémon to fly from town to town, delivering packages and parcels. This in itself presented a problem; customers would be required to visit their local town to pick up their deliveries, whereas the RCS was more than happy to come to you in person. For a few years, the two co-existed, their differences allowing them to attract different markets. 
      Recently, the increasing amounts of criminal activity have made land routes unsafe, and the RCS has been formally disbanded after raids made them unreliable. The absence of competition has driven the Pidgey Post into a state of laziness, and many a trainer has been known to offer their services as a freelance courier to make ends meet. Despite this, a new act has been passed with the intention of building a post depot in every hamlet across the region.

News & Announcements / [Faction] Miryus Police Department
« on: January 22, 2012, 10:26:56 pm »
Miryus Police Department


Background Story: A year after the discovery of Miryus, towns were scattered across the region, each one with their own police force that followed separate laws. The leaders of each town came together one day, wanting to unify the region under one law, but they argued over which one was right. This went on for two weeks, until Cynthia Ruiz, the Lieutenant of one the Northern Police Force, spoke with each leader separately, recorded their laws, and spent three days finding similarities between all of them, until she wrote up the new law. All the leaders agreed that this would be the law of the region, and every police force was brought under one department, the Miryus Police Department. Lieutenant Ruiz was made Captain. Cpt. Ruiz still leads the MPD, and keeps it working like a well oiled machine.
The rise in crime rates has kept the department currently swamped with work, and looking for new recruits to help across the region. The officers of the MPD are fierce battlers, who keep an eye out for strong trainers to recruit. They hold fast to their code to protect and serve, and will not rest until peace returns to Miryus.
The Law
1.   Obtaining an item that is in possession of another owner without payment, or permission, is an act of thievery punishable within a court of law.
2.   Obtaining a Pokémon that has been caught by another trainer without a trade, or permission, is an act of kidnapping, and is punishable within a court of law.
3.   Littering anywhere on Miryus with harmful substances is punishable by community service for a time determined within a court of law.
4.   The destruction of public property, and private property, is punishable within a court of law, and the perpetrator will compensate for the damage.
5.   An act of aggression against the region that disrupts peace on a regional, and/or global scale is an act of treason, and is punishable by exile.
These were the laws agreed upon that day, and it is revised as often as it can.

(Written by CortexJ)

News & Announcements / [Faction] Team Trinity
« on: January 15, 2012, 08:51:31 pm »
Okay, so here it is. As promised, I will be starting with the factions of Miryus.

Team Trinity

Background Story: In the early days of Miryus’ discovery, Robert Finley was out exploring the far extremities of the desert of Miryus, when he came across an ancient ruin, apparently left long unvisited. Being a seasoned explorer, he entered the temple, seemingly dedicated to three legendary birds. He followed a long passageway down into the depths of the cavern upon which he stumbled upon an inscription. This, once translated, predicted the end of the world. At this point in time there would be a huge battle, legendary against legendary, reshaping the earth. The three birds had decided on a truce, and would form a united front in this battle. The inscription was long, and Finley had only just deciphered the beginning when the temple began to crumble around him, luckily he managed to get out alive.
Once he’d managed to clear his head, Finley came up with a plan. He would prepare the world for the coming of the battle. He would capture the 3 legendary birds, and combine their power to win the battle for human kind. As the saviour of the world, he would be able to command uttermost respect from everybody. And so, he began his training in ernest, gathering around him those who he could convince with his tales.


News & Announcements / Weekly Story Updates!
« on: January 09, 2012, 05:48:13 pm »

Okay guys, after the topics concerning the newspaper, and the more recent wikia topic, I've gathered that what you all want is more news about the development of the game. Unfortunately, most of the updates are purely code-based, which no doubt will bore all of you who aren't code-junkies. And so, I have come up with a solution! Each weekend, I will be writing a short piece about something related to the PU story, hopefully to keep you all interested and inspire any budding artists. To begin with, the many organisations of Miryus.
Oh, and I'd also like to welcome CortexJ as the newest member of the writing team!

Other Chat / Cookies!!!! (From the US)
« on: November 07, 2011, 07:39:34 pm »
Okay guys, for those of you who don't know, Annafu made some cookies a few weeks ago, and posted them to a few lucky regulars on IRC chat. Mine arrived today, 14 days after being sent off. Here are some pictures documenting Annafu's awesome culinary skills.

Cookies are here! As you can see I'm ridiculously excited.

A closer look at the box. (I'm sure Annafu doesn't want you all knowing her address)

Wait... What?

I begin making my way into the box armed only with a blunt pair of sizzors. Needless to say, the thing was like fort knox.

The first hint of something cookie-ish

Cookies and a note!

Not so sure if they're good to eat after spending 2 weeks in customs, and my bed's now covered in crumbs :/

But they taste soooo nommable

And hey! Free bubble wrap!

In-Forum Games / MOVED: Pokemon Battle Association
« on: September 25, 2011, 09:36:49 pm »

Fan Fiction & Writing / These Streets
« on: March 23, 2011, 11:01:20 pm »
Okay guys, for those of you who have been around long enough, you'll know that I started a series of short stories entitled 'These Streets'. Over the months, this evolved into something a little bigger, to the point where I had a full blown novel planned out. Due to personal reasons, I no longer wish to carry on with this piece of writing, but here it is up until the point where I stopped. For those of you who just can't live without knowing how it was gonna turn out, I'm more than happy to answer questions. Anyways, here goes:

Snow covered the streets. It should have been cold. But anger is always hot.
Sweat poured down the faces of the crowd. It soaked into their clothes, melting the thin layer of white that had had a chance to settle.
The air felt as if it would rip under the stress of a thousand shouts and screams, punctuated by gunshots.
A tall, young boy stood near the back of the throng. Baggy, ripped jeans covered his legs, and he wore a black hoodie, drawn tight to cover his face.
He felt the anger surge through him.
It was infectious. It made him feel alive. It gave him a purpose.
How dare they come here and take what was his? Was he expected to give up what he'd spent his life making his?
His train of thought was interrupted as a man in front of him collapsed, blood spraying from his temple. A stray bullet had grazed his head. His lips were moving. Instinctively the boy dropped to his knees. The blood formed a pool around his head.
"Any sacrifice, any sacrifice" The man murmured as life seeped out of him. Frantically the boy looked for something to stop the bleeding, but it was too late. Condensation had stopped curling upwards from his mouth. He fought back tears for this man who he'd never known. For the first time he noticed what the man was wearing. A quote was scrawled by hand across his shirt. 'I say a man who was nothing to die for, is not fit to live'. Forcing his sorrow to take a back seat, he stood up. This man had not given up even at death's door. He vowed that he would fight for these streets with tooth and nail.
With his renewed strength he looked around, ready to take on any figure of authority. But there was a change in the feeling of the crowd. A cheer rippled through the people. They had done it. They had won.

Chapter 1
Rays of moonlight feebly illuminated the dark alleyway. The night was quiet with the exception of the steady dripping of melting icicles. A dark figure cursed under his breath as he stepped into puddle, the sound of splashing echoed off of the buildings on either side. He hastily checked for any sign he had been heard.
Satisfied that he had remained undiscovered he relaxed his stance. Keeping his left hand on his waist, the boy extracted a canister from his back pocket.
In the darkness he smiled to himself, he found it ironic that in past decades the world had changed. Technology had advanced, as had ideals and politics. Yet the most powerful weapon was still the written word. He set to work, scrawling messages of hate and anger on the brick.
As he stepped back to admire his work, a small click echoed down the alley. In one swift moment, he dropped the spray paint, drew out his left hand and threw his flick knife to his right. Despite the hours of practise, his right hand shook, causing reflections to bounce off of the walls. All pretence of stealth had been lost when he had dropped the can, and so he risked a shout.
"Who are you?" The boy's voice highlighted the silence of the dark.
After a few deliberate seconds a husky deep voice replied. "Drop your weapon." A young man with a shaven head stepped into view. He wore black cargos and a blood red shirt; the uniform of the British Fascist League.
The boy eyed the man's attire. There was no obvious weapon, yet the man seemed too confident to have not brought an insurance policy. He adopted the stance he had been learning for the past months: legs wide, slightly bent, low centre of gravity, straight back. Despite the attempts at a relaxed posture, his knuckles were white as he gripped his blade.
"No." He whispered softly. The man's eyes widened slowly. He had never met resistance before. However, he did not pause as he swung a punch.

Chapter 2
The top of the sun edged its way over the buildings lining the alleyway; illuminating a half finished slogan scrawled in red paint.
'The Nazis are back and...'
It had been crudely executed and long fingers of crimson snaked their way to the ground where they mixed with splatters of blood.
Three hooded figures huddled around a body sprawled in the middle of one of the many dark pools. "You think he's alive?" A slightly shocked voice broke the silence.
Pain seared through his head as if somebody was slowly driving nails into his skull.
"No chance. Look at all that blood." It was uttered animalistically, almost a growl.
Through the mists of pain he became dimly aware of something different.
"I dunno mate, I think he's breathing."
Hard. It was hard. That was what he could feel.
"You know what? I don't think that blood's his." A third voice broke into the conversation.
He could now make out thin individual stones digging into his back and neck.
"poop. I'd hate to see the other guy"
Gritting his teeth with effort, the boy let out a low moan.
"All right, let's get him somewhere sheltered"
A bright light pierced his eyelids. Everything hurt, but it seemed to spread from his forehead, like a bull’s-eye on a dartboard. But slowly, the agony began to subside; he felt a soothing, cooling sensation begin at the epicentre of his pain. Experimentally, he clenched a fist. His fingers burned, but it wasn't unbearable. Feeling more confident, he moved his other arm; again, it wasn't exactly a great feeling but he could handle it. Satisfied that he wasn't about to die any time soon, he cast his mind back to the alley.
He remembered the sheer terror as the fist came hurtling towards him. The way he raised his right arm up in self defence.
“Oh God, oh God.” He began to whisper as the realisation began to dawn on him. “No, please, no.”
“Don't worry mate, you'll be fine.” Reassured one of the people from his dreams. 'Badger! He's waking up!'
As he peeled his eyes slowly open, they watered from the harsh light emitted by the bare light bulb dangling above his head; a dark man swam into view as they adjusted to the contrast. He was clean shaven and seemed to be in his early twenties, and an old sword was buckled at his waist. He had a dark complexion and was clearly of Middle Eastern descent. This surprised the boy; he hadn’t seen anybody so obviously foreign for years. It was an amazing feat that he had managed to avoid deportation.
He pushed himself into a sitting position, the aching was still there but the fiery pain seemed to have subsided for now. He was in a drab empty room; the walls and ceiling were white, the floor stripped to boards. A curtain covered the single window, although sunlight crept through the dividing crack.
“An abandoned building, just like any other.”
  He thought to himself.
“Wakey, wakey sleeping beauty.” Strangely, the man's accent seemed to point to London middle class background.
”Where am I?” The groaned the boy. His voice was garbled and his tongue felt like a slug in his mouth.
“Not the most original line I guess...”
A previously unnoticed door in the corner of the room swung open squeakily on its rusted hinges. A huge bulky figure stepped through the gap. His shoulders spanned the doorway and his head was dangerously close to the ceiling. Stubble covered his face, but it failed to disguise a jagged scar on his right cheek. His hair was buzz cut; the impression he gave was not of somebody who took much care of his appearance.
“You're in one of our safe houses.” He growled. “Camel has fixed you up, you'll be fighting fit in a week.” He indicated the dark skinned man.
“I'm Badger; we don't use our real names here. And after your display last night, you'll be known as Wolf.”
“What do you mean ‘our’? How many of you are there?” Wolf only just realised his predicament.
“This is Kidnap, and this guy doesn't exactly look like he's gonna let me walk free...”
“Even I don’t know the answer to that question, but there are not many of us. We represent those in society who have none to represent them, namely foreigners.”
“What do you want with me? And what do you know about last night?”
“You're lucky we found you; not only did we patch you up but we have the CCTV tapes of your little scuffle.” Almost as an afterthought Badger leaned in a little closer, “Where did you learn to fight like that?” he whispered. His eyes glinted in awe.
Wolf panicked. “How much can I tell him? He claims to stand up for others, but how can I trust him?”
“I... uh, it just came naturally.” he stammered.
Badger's dark brown eyes pierced him; he betrayed nothing as he slowly replied “Of course it did.” There was no hint of irony or sarcasm. “I suppose your family will want to know where you are.”
“I have no family.” Wolf spat out, frustrated with the questioning. “I don't need anybody else.”
“We'll see about that.” Badger smirked “Where do you stay?”
“This is like a bloody interrogation.”
“Around.” he replied guardedly.
“Good, you'll stay with us from now.” revealed Badger. “We could do with more recruits with your...”He paused, eyeing Wolf slowly, searching for the word. “Talents.”
“WHAT? I don't even know you!”
Badger gave a snort of laughter “You didn't think we'd just let you go, did you? On your feet, we need to head back to HQ.” He spoke now with heightened urgency. Wolf peeled himself off the mildewed mattress he'd been lying on. His now blood stained hoodie lay crumpled on the floor. He pulled it on over his baggy navy t-shirt. His jeans were ripped, dotted with brown and black after his ordeal; his once blue trainers felt sticky on the bare floorboards. There was no chance that he'd be able to disguise that he'd been fighting.
Now that he'd stood up, he could better judge the height of the men. Badger towered over him, but Camel barely reached his shoulders. The small man led the way out of the room. Bright sunlight startled Wolf after the dark room and a blast of cool air froze his exposed face. Hurriedly he pulled up his hood and tightened the cords.
 Leaning against the wall to the right of the front door stood a short, stocky man wearing cargo shorts and a tight “Hard Rock Cafe” t-shirt. His blond hair was shaved down to a number two and he sported a stud in his left ear.
“This is Rat.” Badger indicated the guard. “He used to be a professional bodyguard and's as hard as nails.” Wolf noticed a small smirk on Rat's face as he jokingly flexed a bicep.
Camel led the way down through the backstreets. Despite the sun being high in the sky, shadows played across the narrow alleys camouflaging the grime. The route snaked deeper into the older and rougher part of town. Slogans covered the walls: 'White is right!' and 'chansey the Nazis!' battled to cover each other. Wolf's night time efforts had not been in vain.
Badger and Wolf walked side by side, with Rat bringing up the rear. “So, if Rat's a guard, what do you and Camel do?” Wolf finally plucked up the courage to ask the intimidating man.
“Camel's a medic. Although, I wouldn't want to be on the wrong side of him and a scimitar. You're lucky he was with us when we found you. My job is little more... obscure, you'll find out more soon...” Badger cut himself short as Camel came to an abrupt stop outside an old terraced house.

Chapter 3
The ancient, dark green door looked as it could withstand a siege. The three men checked the streets either side of the entrance for passersby. When they were convinced they were alone, Camel rapped sharply on the door four times. A hatch was drawn back and an eye quickly filled the gap. The man on the other side gave an affirmative grunt and swung open the door. Wolf was shoved in and the others quickly followed.
The sentry on the door was pounced on by Camel, who quickly kissed both his cheeks. The young man turned bright red and quickly began vigorously rubbing his face. “You don't need to do that every fooking time.” He muttered as he touched fists with Rat.
The four of them were standing in a large entrance hall, the walls were clad in dark wood panelling and the brightly tiled floor contrasted with the drab furnishings. A lonely bookcase stood next to the stool where the guard had been seated. An assault rifle rested on the floor in front. The sight of this made Wolf feel queasy, he'd never been at home around firearms.
“You can go through now.” The unnamed man indicated a door on the left. Wolf had no idea what to expect as he gingerly followed Badger through. Rat and Camel had seemingly disappeared while he was examining his surroundings.
Three men were seated around a long dining table. An intricately designed chandelier hung above them, shedding light on the scene. The figure at the head of the table was in his late sixties, with short white hair and a grey moustache. Despite his age, he held an air of confidence and the others eyed him with respect. To the right of him sat a tall African man of slight build. He was in the process of trimming his fingernails with a military issue dagger. The third man had his back to Wolf. He also, was past his prime and had little hair on his head. Wolf gasped as the ageing man turned around his seat. Then, remembering himself, he pushed his feet together and bowed low.
“Sensei!” He breathed in recognition of a man he’d not seen in years.
“Relax... Wolf, I hear they call you now.” The old man sighed softly “It appears you have had to put your training to use. It is not an experience I would wish on anybody. I am sorry you live in these troubled times. However, this only stresses how important it is for you to continue your studies.”
The man at the head of the table stood up. Despite his age, his arms and chest were heavily muscled, and he stood perfectly straight. “Welcome Wolf,” he began “I am Eagle, the leader of our group. We have been living in the background of society for a few years now. We oppose the fascist and racist dictatorship that has overtaken our country in recent years.”
“So, you’re like the resistance?”
Eagle let out a deep chuckle “Somebody’s been watching too many war films. But yes, I suppose you could put it that way. This,” he indicated the black man to his right. “Is Cobra. He’s our weapons specialist, and spent 5 years in the Zimbabwean SAS before the regime change.” Cobra grinned, at least half his teeth were gold plated, as he revealed two more knives concealed in his sleeves. “I believe you have already met Sensei...”
“I am too old for your silly codenames.” the older man interjected.
“Burnside, our martial arts consultant. Badger is our firearms instructor. He was working with the commandos when you were still in nappies. So,” Eagle reassumed his seat, stretching his arms out, fingers interlocked, and smiled in an almost fatherly way. “I know that we do a dangerous job, but with over 70 years of experience under our belts, you’ll be in the safest of hands. And as I’ve always said, better to die for a cause than to be caught in the crossfire. Will you join us?”
Wolf almost laughed at the irony of the situation. Here he was, covered in blood and bandages, completely dependent on these strangers’ help and he was being offered a place amongst them. “Yeah, of course I will. But, I really don’t feel so good.”
“That is to be expected.” Agreed Eagle “Mouse will show you your room.” Almost as if he’d been listening in, the man who had let them in stepped into the room.
“C’mon.” He jerked his head in the direction of the hallway. Wolf turned around to say goodbye to the leaders, but they had already resumed their conversation. As he passed Mouse, he received a powerful slap on the back. “Good on ya. I knew you’d join the moment I saw your eyes.” It was only now that his Scottish accent came through. “Just up here.” He led the way up a staircase off of the hall.
“Voila.” he spread his arms out as if unveiling a masterpiece. Wolf gasped in amazement; the corridor stretched out 3 times as long as it should on both sides. “It’s like the fooking Tardis.” Mouse joked “It’s bigger on the inside.” After staring for a few seconds, Wolf noticed where the internal walls had been knocked down. From the outside, the street appeared to have several abandoned buildings, but on the inside it could house 50 people.
“Here we are,” They stopped outside a bedroom with a large red cross painted on the door. “Due to your state, you’ll be staying in the med room for a couple of days.” He swung the door open, revealing two bunk beds crammed in next to each other, just leaving enough room for a large, double-doored metal cabinet and a small rectangular mirror. Light came from a lamp hanging from the ceiling, the window was boarded up, despite the glass panes being intact. “I’ll leave you to it.”
When Mouse slammed the door, Wolf was overcome with tiredness. He’d walked halfway across the city, was covered in bandages and still ached from the fight the previous night. Stripping to his boxers, he was able to examine the damage for the first time. His nose was slightly broken, a large bump had formed halfway down the bridge; one of his eyes was deep purple, turning black. The eyebrow above had been cut open, and was crudely taped back together with butterfly stitches. His right hand was bandaged, along with his left elbow. All in all, he looked like he’d just walked out of a hospital.
With barely enough energy left to turn off the light, Wolf collapsed into the nearest bed, not bothering to cover himself.

News & Announcements / The Professor Competition (Part 3: Artwork)
« on: January 16, 2011, 10:38:45 pm »

The winnner of The Professor Competition (Part 3: Artwork) is: JERRY!

Okay, people, it wasn't easy to pick a winner, but congratulations to Viper!!

Professor Alder (male)

Professor Alder, from a young age, has held a massive interest in Pokemon Mythology. Born in Sootopolis City of the Hoenn region, he received his first pokemon, a mudkip, from the water-type gym leader of his town. As he grew up he was exposed to the first of many pokemon ruins when he explored the Cave of Origins located in his town. He soon became fascinated with Pokemon Mythology and set it in his mind to learn more about it. Since then, he has traveled all around the world, visiting the ruins of ancient pokemon such as the three lakes of Sinnoh, the two towers of Johto, and the Sky Pillar in Hoenn, gathering information and data about the pokemon that once inhabited those places. He didnt care much for the Pokemon League and Gyms, and found that on his travels his mudkip could take care of any trouble. Eventually, as he encountered wild pokemon at the ruins, his mudkip grew to a Swampert, and it kept getting stronger till Alder never had to worry about wild pokemon again.

After many years of exploration and research, Alder learned of a new region in the pokemon world, the Miryus region. Rumor had it that this region was even the birthplace of the legendary pokemon Mew, the legendary pokemon Alder obsessed with the most. Professor Alder eventually made his way to Miryus and settled down there as a Pokemon Professor with his now feared Swampert (sig pokemon) hoping to uncover the secrets behind Mew and educated all that come to him of his knowledge.

Part 3: Create artwork
(16th - 28th of January)
- In the final section, you must create either overworld  or battles prites for the character.
- All overworld sprites should be created in 48 * 48 pixels.
- Descripion: Age, race etc. are up to you. However, it must be obvious that it's a professor e.g. Lab coat.

EDIT: Battle sprites should be 128*128

News & Announcements / Name The Professor Competition (Part 2)
« on: January 02, 2011, 10:58:36 pm »
The winner of the Name The Professor (Part 1) competition is:

Mr Pokemon with Professor Alder!

Part 2 is now closed!

Part 2: Creating a Bio (2nd of January - 14th of January)
- In this section, the prize goes to whoever writes the best background story for our professor.
- The bio must be short, with a maximum of 150 250 words.
- Users should be creative, and original.
- Users should include the Professor's signature pokémon to be used in battle (Sorry about communication issues, but only one pokémon)

Note: Only one entry per user is permitted, however, this may be edited as much as wanted before the end date.

EDIT: Due to the fact that your creativity seems to be limited by the word limit, the new limit is 250 words.

EDIT: Please stick to the storyline http://pokemon-universe.com/index.php?page=story

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