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Fan Fiction & Writing / Scene . . . 0
« on: January 28, 2016, 02:31:18 am »
     He had to escape.

     This place was not his home. He cared for none of these people, these people that assume themselves as his family. He can feel his pulse rising, filled with hatred. He was starting to consider desperate measures.

     Then it appeared, that strange door. He had no idea when it appeared, or if it even existed. It beckoned him nonetheless, but he had no key. He then heard them.

     Words without meaning, yet he understood them all the same. He looked at his hand, and the key was there. Reality was starting to notice, so he acted quickly, putting the key into the strange door . . . then he blacked out.

     No turning back . . . He couldn't go back . . .

Jobs / Art Application
« on: June 27, 2013, 03:02:03 am »
So yeah, I'm not too skilled with pixel art yet, but I'm getting there and I think I can still help out in the art department. Here's some example of my work:

I'm not the most skilled with pixel art, but I'm pretty good with normal art. I've got plenty of free time for a while until college, and even then I can still help out.

Fan Fiction & Writing / Kingdom Hearts: Lost Chapters - Sone
« on: June 16, 2013, 02:51:16 am »
After Sora and Riku defeated Xehanort, the many worlds returned to peace. Sora and Riku returned to Destiny Islands to start a new life. A decade passed, and Riku received a message from King Mickey. Leaving behind Sora and Kairi, Riku vanished into the night.. Both Riku and King Mickey vanished for months, and word spread of this, panic flaring that King Mickey had vanished. On top of that crippling blow, the gateway to Destiny Island had been sealed, trapping its inhabitants within. Including Sora and Kairi.

Even worse was the war that was breaking out. Once Xehanort had been defeated, darkness still lingered throughout the worlds, and so the keyblade chose a slew of new warriors to take down the remaining darkness. These keybladers teamed up with a group of mages and dubbed themselves the Cavalry. Part of the Cavalry broke away from the light, though, claiming that the Cavalry should not have the power to control the fate of the worlds. These villains formed their own organization, the Nocturnes. It was not long before the they waged war against the forces of light.

After months with no word from King Mickey, Riku turned up on the doorstep of Disney Castle. He no longer spoke, refusing to say where King Mickey was. Many blamed him for the disappearance of their beloved king, and he did not deny anything as he vanished again. Within the next few months, new keybladers and mages began to appear. With these mages and keybladers, came a hidden group. Little is known about them, only that they use to be followers of Ansem the wise.

New keyblade wielders and mages who supported the Cavalry were eventually herded to Disney castle, where they were trained by Goofy and Donald themselves. Soon, rumors of heartless began to spread, the most common place for the supposed 'attacks' being Twilight town. With no men to spare from the warfront, Donald and Goofy dispatched the new keybladers and wizards, who now patrol Twilight town.

- Credit to Fenror


Sone was walking through the shopping district on patrol, his hands on the back of his head in a bored, casual manner. He looked around for any heartless, but for the most part it was calm. The stores were closed for the day, and besides the trolley transporting a few people around there wasn't really anyone around. He was alone on this patrol as well, making it all the more boring for him. "Ugh, why do I always get the boring tasks? I haven't seen a single heartless all day!"

As if on que, his datalog began vibrating. He pulled it out of his pocket, it was a squarish looking device given to him by the Cavalry with king Mickies trademark on the top of it. He tapped the screen with his finger, and a message was displayed. 'Suspicious figures were spotted at the train station, investigate at once.' He closed it and pocketed the device. "Finally, something to do." He began running up towards the train station, and after about a minute of running two soldier heartless appeared in front of him.

He made a motion to summon his keyblade, but yet again it refused to appear. He then drew a bronze sword from his back. "Well I guess I asked for it."

With that, he lunged at the heartless, slashing one of them square in the chest. However, the other heartless jumped at him, clawing his unarmed arm and drawing a little blood. He grunted, but quickly countered with an upper-slash that made it fade into darkness. The first one he attacked tried to cut him, but he quickly finished it off by stabbing at it's wound, making it disappear into darkness. He grasped at his wound, cursing at the cut. Sone heard something behind him, and he saw three of the other recruits that were sent here.

One of them, a girl with long blonde hair spoke. "Here, let me see that." She gently grasped his arm and put a hand over the wound, a weak, green aura emitting from it as the cut quickly healed in a matter of seconds. Sone tested it, stretching a little.

"Thanks a lot... what are your names?" Sone asked, looking at the three of them.

The one with red hair spoke first "The names Jack, this is Leon, and the one that just healed you is named Celine... now, weren't we on a mission?" Leon chuckled, "Jack, there's no need to give him a cold shoulder; but you are right, we need to hurry."

Sone nodded, scratching the back of his head as the three ran up to the station, Sone following closely behind. "The names Sone, any idea what's at the station?" Leon shook his head. "Heck if I know, but it's probably a nocturne or two." He nodded as they arrived, and he noticed three people waiting as two of them summoned their dark keyblades.

The one without a keyblade, a beautiful girl in black and white giggled evilly. "Looks like they were right after all, however, I cant help but feel our numbers being a little too few..." With that, she put her hands in the air and four shadows appeared. Sone's keyblade appeared as he got in a fighting stance, as well as Leon and Jack.

The boy with rainbow sleeves raised an eyebrow at the girl. "A little much don't you think? Could've done without the dramatic speech." The girl glared at him "Your just jealous because I look better when I do it!" "Oh yes, I'm jealous of a crazy girl with a bucket of make-up on her face" "Say's the man who looks like a walking bag of skittles!" They both glared at each other for a long moment while the girl with a keyblade just sighed and grasped the base of her nose.

Sone raised an eyebrow as the shadows were confused and the nocturnes were distracted. "Um, should we... I dunno... attack?" Everyone had a confused expression as Leon spoke "I... don't know. Probably, but I kinda want to see where this is going."

- To add later

Other Games / Kingdom Hearts Chi
« on: March 25, 2013, 12:45:21 pm »
I cant believe Square actually listened to us. They are creating a Kingdom Hearts MMORPG. I hope they don't screw this up.

I would try to sum up the whole thing here, but I think this link can explain much more than I could. Right now they have only made a Japanese server for the beta.


Other Chat / YouTube
« on: March 22, 2013, 11:53:14 am »
Okay, there's something I have to rant about YouTube that's made me absolutely livid.

First off, your limited to 15 minutes worth of video's if you don't have a cell phone. For some unexplainable, ridiculous reason you need a cell phone for something on the internet. It may not seem ridiculous to anyone else, but think about it. You need a CELLPHONE for something on the INTERNET, cellphones are made for long distance calls, not verifying accounts and answering quizzes. Sure, you can play portable games, but the thing that get's me about this is that you HAVE to have a cell phone. What about a guy like me who doesn't have a cellphone because he's too poor to have one and wouldn't want one in the first place?! They cant come up with any better way, like a quiz, or an e-mail, or almost anything besides a cellphone?!

Second off, the layout. Now I know for fact I'm not the only one angry about  YouTube changing it's layout constantly, but this time they just frigged up. I can list everything wrong with it that I noticed:

-Uneasy access to the inbox tab.
What if I want to see if there's any new comments or replies right away, and instead I have to do like three steps in order to do so, which is unnecessary.

-No obvious PM button.
I like to be able to send PM's to other YoutTubers in order to give them tips or tell them about someone who stole one of their video's. My complaint is I cant find the button that let's me send them a Private Message. I've looked at all of the obvious places: Other peoples channels, the retarded tab at the top of the screen, the home page, and I cant find it if it even exists.

-Fifteen minute limit.
We've been through this and I'm not sure if it's just this layout that's had this problem, but it's still ridiculous.

About a forth of the time I find YouTube's new subscription tool to be handy, finding my favorite YouTubers. The only problem is I don't know how to edit it to have my favorites at the top. Sometimes, my favorite channels that I want to go to aren't there and I have to search for them. And for some reason, they made it to where it's all mixed with a blender overnight and when you know where the channel was yesterday, it's in a different place today... Why?!.... Just Why?!

-Optional add-on's.
Don't know if anyone else had this problem, but for some reason YouTube's giving me an option to make my channel more complex and confusing. I mean, if I don't use it I'll probably get none of the benefits, but why would YouTube get me the option of doing it or not, couldn't they just make my channel like that without my permission? They've done that countless times before. This might seem minor, but why hesitate on this when you've already made the entire website derpy?

Well, that's about all of my rant, if you have a problem that I haven't went through, feel free to share your hate below. Or if you want to complain that something doesn't make sense, you can do that too, I just needed to get this off of my chest and onto the computer screen.

Art Work / 3D Pokemon Corner
« on: March 11, 2013, 08:52:19 pm »
Moving my 3D stuffs here, every once in a while I'll upload a model or two on here whether it's amazing or derpy, whether you want to stare at it in awe or laugh at it, you can look at it here.

::Completed Works::


::Current Projects::




I'm willing to try any suggestions as long as it isn't a complicated project like Giritina or any Pokemon with many details on it such as extremely colorful or has too many joints. Not that I wont try them eventually, but it's just that right now I don't have enough experience to do those kinds of projects.

Fan Fiction & Writing / Master's Nuzlocke Challenge! (story)
« on: January 09, 2013, 04:39:44 am »
(Mostly posting this here so I wont lose it.)


1. You can only catch one Pokemon per route.

2. If a Pokemon faints, it's dead, you have to release it.

3. You can only have six Pokemon in total. The box does not exist. If a Pokemon faints when you have a full team, you can catch one new Pokemon.

4. Shops of any kind are not allowed, so you cant buy anything. However, items you find are free game.

5. Gift Pokemon are allowed, and legendaries can only be caught if the story needs you to specifically catch it. You cannot catch a legendary at any other time.

6. You must name all your Pokemon.


Prof. Juniper was researching a few DNA samples when suddenly someone knocked on the door. She put off her goggles, turned off the machine, and walked to the door to be greeted by a woman in her mid-thirties.

Sorry if I'm interrupting something Prof. Juniper, but this is important...

Not at all, come in, Cheryl.

Juniper let her in, and they both had a seat in Junipers living room.

So, what do you need?

Well... it's about my son, Sean.

Juniper sighed. He hasn't been able to fully recover from it, has he?

Cheryl shook her head. Ever since his father died, he hasn't been the same. He hardly talks to his friends, and he doesn't come out of his room any more. I think he needs someone to fill the emptiness his father left, and I'm doing a horrible job at it.

Juniper shifted a bit, leaning forward. She started growing curious. I feel sorry for the boy, but What is it that I can do that you cant? Surely your not thinking of drugging him, are you? Cheryl was about to yell in defense, but Juniper giggled. It's alright, I'm only joking. But what can I do?

Cheryl bit her lip for a moment. I... think it's about time he became a trainer. He is the right age. Juniper raised an eyebrow. It's just... I think that if he catches some Pokemon, he can start refilling that void in his heart... not replacing his father, of course, but he needs new friends, and the two he has in this small place is just too little. Besides, the adventure could to some good for him.

Juniper thought for a moment, she did have some Pokemon she could spare, and maybe...

... You do realize what this might put him through, right? ... But I do suppose I could spare a few Pokemon, on one condition. She took out a small machine from her lab coat. I need a little help with my research...

*End of prologue*

*Chapter 1: Battle*

Sean packed his backpack slowly, getting what's important. He didn't really want to say no, thinking getting fresh air might do some good ever since...

Hey dude, I'm coming in!

Sean looked at his door, confused. Why is Emilie here? Emilie was one of Sean's best friends, a tomboy, long brown hair, a bit short for her age, and a personality that can only be described by two words: Gerard Way. She opened the door, looking around the messy room.

What's up? It's been a week since I've heard from you.

Sean looked down, a bit lost in space. It's... complicated.

She shrugged, and looked at the table in my room, which had a neat present box on it. She walked to it and was about to open it, then paused.

We're missing something... what was it?

A blonde guy about Sean's age ran into the room, excited.

So the Pokemon are here?!

There it is.

The boy was Justin, he was about Sean's age and his other best friend. He's usually the hyper, annoying one and is a bit tall for his age.

Yeah... I honestly didn't expect you guys to be here.

You didn't think you were going to leave us all alone here where you? Now...She rips open the box, and tosses a pokeball to each of them. There, now all of us have a Pokemon!

Hey! How come we don't get to choose?!

**** the Police, that's why.

It's fine, I would have probably taken an hour to pick.

Emilie did a 'come at me bro' pose at Justin, and he pouted.

Well then, now that we all have a Pokemon, how about a battle?


You're on!

Alright, Sean, you're first! Go, Oshawatt!

She tossed the pokeball and an Oshawatt came out. Justin was about to complain but then Sean tossed his pokeball and a Snivy came out.

... Crud.

Snivy! Use vine whip!

Snivy looked at him, confused, and Sean facepalmed.

Ummm... D-do what you can!

Snivy charged at the Oshawatt, and it dodged, then they ended up chasing each other around the room.

Oshawatt, use tail whi- She ducked to dodge a trash can. Watch it!

Then Snivy jumped off the computer, making it fall over, and tackled Oshawatt to the floor, then Oshawatt fainted.

Sean looked around, wide-eyed. Emilie laughed nervously. Ehehe... So, uh, that happened... Hey Justin, we should go, now, right now, NOW! She grabbed him and ran down the stairs.

But I didn't get to battle!

She let go of him and bolted out the door.


Sean ran down the stairs and shoved Justin down the stairs.

Art Work / 9Nexalas6's Random Webcomics!
« on: October 22, 2012, 01:18:12 pm »

*insert chase scene with effort put into it*
Here's the first test page! :D Based on a random conversation about pairings on the Pokemon Knights page.

Pokémon Roleplay / [Profiles] Pokemon X-Fusion 2! (remastered)
« on: October 21, 2012, 06:48:14 pm »
Please PM me your profiles, and do not post your profile directly to here unless you're a Sub GM.

Here's the Skeletons:

Pokemon Trainer

PU Username: (Your username)
Character Name: (Your characters name)
Professional Element: (What's your favorite type?)
Pokemon Team: (Can have a max of three to start off with, no legendaries, and lvl 20-25)
Bio: (Tell me a bit about yourself. And don't say your from space)
Region: (Where you originated from.)
Appearance: (Pictures are preferred, and if you want I can draw it for you if you send me a description of the character. You can also just describe them)
Extra's: (Anything you want to add? If not: Remove this.)

-If you wish for a somewhat Unique profile, PM me and I'll send you a different Skeleton. If there are people that wish to be pokemon, they must PM me, and if two people message that they want to be pokemon, I will add a pokemon skeleton.

Approved Profiles:
The-Blades-Slave ~ Warren

Pokémon Roleplay / [OOCC] Pokemon X-Fusion 2! (remastered)
« on: October 21, 2012, 03:29:32 pm »

-No God Modding or overpowered crap, you will be warned up to three times, after that your character gets killed off. You can still RP, but if  I lose patience with you, you're banned.

-One-Hit-KO's are a no-no, and plus they're cheap shots.

-X-Fusion can only happen in certain areas, and you must PM me when you want to battle with someone, and I'll tell you which area you can X-fuse at, or I will ask you to do a normal battle.

-No going to the faded spot on the map, that will be allowed later int eh RP when the story develops (If you want to learn about it you can PM me, but I wont spoil it for anyone unless they want to.)

-You can use a character from the other RP, but there are only certain characters I will accept (because some were too OP).

-If you battle, you must PM with your opponent if it's an RPer, I suggest flipping coins, but if theres a big difference in power and skill, then it will probably be easier to decide.

-No whining.

-When you want to catch a pokemon, PM me and I'll randomly select it for you, but be noted that you cannot catch legendaries.

-You WILL be allowed to use normal battles, go to any of the cities, interact with almost anyone, and to defeat the pokemon league, but you  can't travel across the region in only one post. Also, there might be events that don't allow RPers to leave, or enter certain cities, but other than that you're free to explore.

-If you have any questions, feel free to ask me.

That's about it, I'll upload the Profile thread later. Also, if you have any questions about the RP or want to discuss something with another RP person, feel free to discuss this in the OOCC(here).

Pokémon Roleplay / [RP] Pokemon X-Fusion 2! (remastered)
« on: October 21, 2012, 03:13:03 pm »
          In the world of Pokemon, a new region was discovered by the famous Poke-Maniac Bill, and a new kind of pokemon battle was discovered as well, where the Trainer and pokemon become one, boosting their power by 25%. In the region of Obligate strange purple crystals, believed to have come from space, gave the inhabitants the power to fuse with their pokemon. Word of this strange power quickly spread to all regions, causing many trainers from different regions to go explore Obligate. Soon The region grew in technology, causing the creation of both the Arena, and the Oblivion League. The Oblivion League was like the Indigo Plateau, with 8 different Gyms across the region, the only difference was that the Gym leaders were much more powerful with the power of X-fusion, and are difficult to defeat(lvl 25-40 average).
          The X-fusion matches aren't the only thing attracting trainers, it's the pokemon available there that are attracting many pokemon breeders and collectors as well. Obligate has an assortment of pokemon from all the other regions, and certain areas have certain pokemon types, making it fairly easy to get your favorite types of pokemon. However, the region is not completely at peace, because a secret organization is hoping to use these crystals for their own malefic purposes.



From top to bottom:

Terraine Town - A small town that's a popular place to train, and a place where crystal shards are scattered about, making X-Fusion possible there. There are also some Normal, Flying, and Psychic Pokemon found here. There is also a Gym found here with Normal Types.

Montain City - A city found near Mt. Mortar, the source of many fossil fuels used to power machines. There are also Fire, Steel, and Rock pokemon found in the mines, along with Zubats. There are a lot of crystals found here, making X-fusion possible here. There is also a Steel Gym found here.

Fetrit Town - A town near Lake Obliv, surrounded by plains. Normal, Poison, Ground, and Flying pokemon are found near the town, and Water pokemon can be found in the Lake. There are few crystals found here, making X-fusion possible only in certain areas. There is also a Flying Type Gym here.

Gate City - The main city, and the main place for X-Fusion battles and tournaments. Since it's a large city, Crystals can only be used either in the Dome, where large tournaments take place, or the Gym, where the leader uses many types of Pokemon. There is also an egg adoption program going on in the Pokemon Daycare, where you can get one random pokemon egg(only one), because of irresponsible trainers that abandoned the eggs. The Gym is located in the bottom floor of the Power Tower, where the Elite four and Champion also reside.

Port Portugal - One of the main ports for the region, and popular place for fishing(Fire type trainers beware). Water pokemon can be found on the Port and in the Ocean. The gym leader there is an odd-ball that uses Electric Type Pokemon. There are no Crystals found here, meaning other than the Gym, there are no X-fusion battles here.

Port Danube - The main Port, and starting place for most trainers new to the region(except people that come to the region by plane). It's the same as the other port, only this port has a Water Gym and has a few more attractions for tourists, like the Gambling Corner, or the Game Corner, and not to mention the fact that it's the only way to Crescent City.

Naturia Village - A village that does not allow any sort of machine or electronic that can harm the environment into their forest. It does not have a gym, and many Bug, Poison, and Grass types can be found here. Ghost types can be found here at night as well. There is no gym here, or crystals, making it old fashioned and ECO-friendly.

Crescent City - A city with many tough Ice trainers, and is home to the toughest Gym Leader, who uses Dark and Ice types. Dark, Ghost, Ice, and Normal types can be found on the Island, and There are many shards there, making X-fusion possible outside City limits.

Honour Town - A Town where many trainers go to for Dragon Type pokemon, thought to be the most powerful types of pokemon. Only Dragon types and Normal types are found here because this is a migration spot for many dragon types, but in order to protect the dragons from all being captured, the city has limited the amount that trainers from other regions can catch to one per trainer, knowing that many trainers from other regions would try and take more than they can carry. It is also a sacred town where special techniques are used to fuse with their pokemon, but only a few people know how to use this, and they take a vow not to share their secrets to any trainer, unless they believe they have pure heart and a strong bond with pokemon.

All other details will be moved to the OOCC, for the sake of space. ._.

JerryEDIT: Approved.

Site Support / Pokemon Online HELP!
« on: August 31, 2012, 12:49:26 am »
Okay, so I downloaded the Pokemon Online version 1.30 from the balance server forums, replaced the 'db' folder with the one that was on the same page as the client, and inserted 3 different IP's that all connected to the Pokemon Univers PO server. The problem is, none of them worked, and instead got a blank chat room thing. What's more, when I asked Meowth about it on Steam, he told me to wait a little bit for an error to pop up, and this is the error:

I tried the following:

-Uninstalling and reinstalling.

-Alternate IP's (which I got from Meowth and Blades)

-Raging at my computer

Is there something I didn't do right? If so, help would be very much appreciated at this point.

Games / 9Nexalas6's nuzlocke challenge, Game of chance!
« on: April 02, 2012, 03:48:13 pm »
I've seen some interesting nuzlocke's on the internet, and one caught my eye. I made a nuzlocke  challenge similar to that one, where you can only rely on luck in certain occasions.

1) May only capture the first poke'mon encountered.
2) Once a pokemon faints, it's dead, you have to release it.
3) Can only have a maximum of 2 stat altering moves of any type per pokemon.

4) For gym leader, rival, organization admin, elite four, champion or legendary battle, the following rules apply:
-Move selection is determined by drawing playing cards.(Each suite is assighned to a different move.) If you draw a joker of any kind, you can freely choose 1 move.
-To use an item, a coin must be flipped and result in heads.
-If a pokemon faints[dies], or an attempt to switch out is being made, the next pokemon brought out is determined by dice roll.

5) The rules in rule 4 can be applied to all battles, but this is optional.
6) Revive, max revive, and full restore are banned and cant be used.

Other Roleplay / [OOCC]Nokiko Laws
« on: December 08, 2011, 12:25:46 am »
In this thread, you can ask questions about Nkiko Laws and discuss about the RP, profile or no profile.

Other Roleplay / [Porfiles]Nokiko Laws
« on: December 08, 2011, 12:24:12 am »

To send me your profile, you need to quote a profile from another RP that YOU OWN! If you steal a profile that dosent belong to you, you will not be approved.

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