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News & Announcements / Re: Pokemon Universe Tribute Thread
« on: March 18, 2016, 01:06:56 am »
     My name has changed quite a lot since I joined this forum, from Lugiafan96 to.... this. And I just wanted to say thank you to everyone, because without this website I wouldn't have the friends I have today or be near as good a writer. It was definitely a blast role-playing and drawing characters, and it's definitely helped contribute a lot to the me of today.
     Right now I'm working on my own project, but I'm juggling that with college so you probably won't hear anything from me for a while until I can really nail down what I'm doing. I hope you all have a good life.

Fan Fiction & Writing / Scene . . . 0
« on: January 28, 2016, 02:31:18 am »
     He had to escape.

     This place was not his home. He cared for none of these people, these people that assume themselves as his family. He can feel his pulse rising, filled with hatred. He was starting to consider desperate measures.

     Then it appeared, that strange door. He had no idea when it appeared, or if it even existed. It beckoned him nonetheless, but he had no key. He then heard them.

     Words without meaning, yet he understood them all the same. He looked at his hand, and the key was there. Reality was starting to notice, so he acted quickly, putting the key into the strange door . . . then he blacked out.

     No turning back . . . He couldn't go back . . .

General Chat / Re: [GUILD] Elemental Elites
« on: October 17, 2014, 12:29:27 am »

But in all seriousness I've been gone for a bit too long. O .o'' So uh, yeah. How is everyone? Pleasedontbemadatme.

Other Roleplay / Re: [RP] Kingdom Hearts Universe|Earth|Morning
« on: July 10, 2014, 02:28:11 pm »

    He woke up with a start and looked around, he was back in his room. He looked at the clock and noticed that he slept in a bit. Crap... now he has two hours before he has to start working. He prefers getting up at 4:00, but apparently that was so vivid a dream that it took an extra two hours to finish. His room has papers scattered about on any surface available, his desk, the walls, the bookshelf, the dresser, and even the floor. He sketched a lot of them based on his dreams, and while that dream was a bit boring compared to his other dreams he had lately, it did give him an idea for a few ideas for designs, and on that note he starts to draw some of the characters he's seen in his dreams, including their keyblades, but only roughly sketching them since he still has to worry about food and a shower.
    Maybe I can show these designs to my friend over at Square Box, he's been wanting a few new ideas for a game they're developing soon.
    He remembered it had something to do with lions and chainsaws, but he can send these later, because right now food is the top priority now that he's done drawing.


Sean kept swinging at the creature for a moment before it disappeared, as did the shadows surrounding everyone. He sighed, noticing the stairs that appeared before them hopefully leading to the last part, or better yet the exit. He checked himself for any broken bones, but his worst injuries consist of cuts and one or two bruises where that strange shadow tackled him. He felt like that creature was toying with him, like it held back knowing he was weak. He shrugged it off, that can be debated later. For now, it was time to move on to the next floor.


He took a few steps back, surprised at the new enemies before him. He readied his blade, and did the one thing he knew he must do... swing the weapon randomly and hope it hits something. Surprisingly enough, he actually managed to hit a few of the shadows and knock them around a bit, one or two fading into darkness. However, soon one of the new shadows appeared in front of him, seemingly staring him down. He let out what can only be described as a yelp, like a dog, and swiped at it, only for his keyblade to phase right through it.

WELL, there go my options.

It then slammed into him, but he quickly regained his feet. He looked around for a way to defeat these things, and noticed one of the people here summoned lightning from their fingertips and hit one of their wings, while shouting "Thunder!". He thought for a moment, and decided to try it as well, holding out his hand to the creature.

Go, lightning bolts of destructive...! Fate of... um... He paused, wondering what else to say. THUNDER CATS HOOOOO!

The heartless then slammed right into him, tired of his foolishness. He then looked around, seeing someone summon wind.

How are you people doing this?!

He then got hit again by the same heartless, and it was only then when he decided on one of the smartest decisions he has ever made to date.... running while screaming like a girl, only without the screaming.


As the scroll appeared before him, he took hold of it and tried reading it, looking over the many symbols and what appeared to be random marks to him. He struggled with the language, not being able to make any sense of it, but just looking over the letters anyway until he reached the end of the scroll. He didn't feel any different, nor did he feel smarter after the experience, no matter how many times he read over it. It made very little sense, and he sighed and rolled it up.

No luck here, it all looks like someone went crazy with an ancient pen.

He thought for a moment, wondering what to do.

I guess I'll hold onto it, might be a good idea to try and look up information on this language later and try again.... oooor, He looked around, maybe someone could help him with this. maybe... no, I'll do this myself later. Besides, looks like I'm not the only one struggling.

He looked at the man who just broke a piece of the platform with his fist, and stared nervously at him. He made a mental note to never get that guy angry, even though all he did was break glass.


Sean saw the shadows flee... he thinks? He wasn't quite sure what happened to them, but they were gone now, and that was the important part. He looks at the stairs that just appeared.

I swear to god I've seen this somewhere before, but I just cant remember. Guess I'll have to continue on and see if the next floor will jog my memory.

With that he walked to the stairs, heading for the third level.


Suddenly, a strange brush appeared in Sean's hand in a ray of rainbow light, with an odd resemblance to a key-like blade... He decided to dub it keyblade as the voice says. Sean then smiles as he gets into a back-hand fighting stance, the heartless backing away a bit before leaping at him. Sean jumps at the heartless as well, slashing at it and launching it a good two foot away from the blow. Sean then takes advantage of this by running up to it and stabbing it in the head before it can get up, it then fades away in a stream of black smoke. He then turns to a random direction to see if any other shadow wants to fight.

Who wants some?!!


As the first floor disappeared and the voice overhead started talking about darkness, Sean can't help but feel like this is all a bit familiar somehow. His thought process is, however, interrupted as a shadow creature pops up in front of him and attacks, Sean barely being able to get out of the way.


Sean reaches for his pencil, forgot that he doesn't have it, and then decides to put his fighting skills to practice... so he then flails awkwardly at the shadow, his fists seemingly going right through it as he regrets neglecting to practice his lessons. Then as Sean attempts a kick, the shadow jumps and tries scratching him, but he manages to roll out of the way. Then he and the shadow seem to circle around each other awkwardly, waiting for something to happen.

The one time I could use my metal pencil, I happen to drop it! If only I had a weapon...


still a bit confused, he nods and gets up from the floor and makes his way up the stairs, going one step at a time in a fairly fast pace.

Okay, this is just a dream, relax. If things get ugly you always have your metal pencil... wait!

He quickly checks his pockets. Empty. Figures.

Well, I'm doomed.


Something akin to a panicked yell can be heard overhead as a boy with brown hair falls down at the start of the stairs. He got up groggily, last thing he remembered he dropped down on his bed to sleep, but then somehow he ended up falling down a void to get here... wherever here is. Nothing's hurting at least, and he looks around and notices people up the stairs and people who were about to step where he fell. He nervously waved a greeting.

Ehe.... Um, Hi. Sooo... where am I?

Roleplay Corner / Re: Election of RP moderator [Election phase]
« on: April 11, 2014, 06:41:09 pm »
I vote fro Blades, for he is in my opinion the most experienced RPer here. He's also practically a moderator already as he helps with a good portion of the RP's on here.

Other Roleplay / Re: [RP] Galactic Underground|Night|Raining
« on: March 04, 2014, 03:30:01 am »

He suddenly felt himself un-synch, and when he opened his own eyes, his entire body felt numb, but he had a piercing headache. He looked to his opponent, who he had just heard yell in pain. Nexalas experimentally tried getting up, now acknowledging that he was on his knees. He couldn't feel anything, but he soon started regaining feeling. He checked under his shirt to see if there were any bullet wounds, and there were wounds, but they were more like scrapes than bullet holes. He calmly assessed the situation: pretty soon the shock will fade and he'll start feeling unbearable pain, Yume opponent is badly wounded, and some of the battlers in the other synch stations started dying. He froze for a moment in fear, realizing that Denis and some of the others were still synched and were in grave danger. He tried not to panic as he walked to his opponent, holding her a hand.
Here, can you stand? We need to get you medical attention.
He knew whoever was behind this was in the crowd, but to run in and hunt him down would be foolish as he had no idea what to even look for... He had to put all his faith in his friends to make it out alive.


He ran out of the way of a few big rocks as his opponent pushed him out of the way to safety from the fire-balls, and decided it was time to do something risky. He stomped his foot onto the ground and took as stance as if he was about to charge. He looked to his opponent.
I'm gonna use my ult on it, it's the only thing that can take down something this big!

Other Roleplay / Re: [RP] Galactic Underground|Night|Raining
« on: February 25, 2014, 12:44:57 am »

    Kokoshi was about to sprint and punch his opponent, but he noticed something odd... was he cringing in pain? Not only that but his opponent seemed to be trying to tell him something... He was about to ask what was wrong, but suddenly the dragon spewed fire balls at the both of them. Kokoshi made a defensive motion to cover his face, but the fire ball that was heading his direction seemingly faded into steam as his opponents ice attack blocked the dragons attack. Kokoshi raised an eyebrow, and turned to his supposed opponent.
    Uh... Thanks!
    He was confused as to what to do as he stepped back from the dragon. His opponent seemed to be in pain and he almost forgot the dragon could go after him as well. But his opponent, instead of taking a victory, protected him. However, before he could question what was going on much more he felt a searing pain in his left arm as he carelessly backed away towards a lava pit as it spewed fire. He bellowed in pain and immediately ran for cover, examining the burn on his arm and feeling every bit of  the pain, unlike before...
    Then he realized his opponent was in danger as well, and nearly knocked himself out with a slap with his good arm. He ran to his opponent's aid, he had no idea what he just did to him actually hurt. This normally wouldn't bother him, but considering he was just saved from a ball of fire, he felt like a complete moron.


    He cringed again, barely holding back a yell of pain as the bullet wounds took their toll, he couldn't even stand. If he knew this would happen, he would have been much more careful.
    So much for being numbed by shock... I'll have to find another way... Wait, could she have...!
    Realization hit him like a truck, he then looked to his opponent with a mix of rage and confusion as she was ready to use a bazooka after taking that hit and yelling in pain. This must have been that power X was talking about before the match! Realizing he was in immediate danger, he slammed both hands to the ground and rode a crystal flower toward another stalactite.
    Dammit, I should've been more careful!

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